Plasmid vial remix (separate parts + screwable head)

by Conceptify Nov 25, 2016
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Anyone else running into a possibly bad stl for the bottom of this? Everything else printed fine, but the final bottom piece will not extrude properly. The problem occurs in the same place every time.

What an awful model.

Yes for a long time ago !
You can print it easily as you can see on the mades.

This is a great print if you love wasting filament. Absolutely nothing fits together if it's all printed at 100%

I should've caught this looking at the files and layout, but I was so anxious to print this and give it to my friend that's building a Bioshock cosplay that I didn't pay enough attention. Lesson learned.

I'm sorry for that. I'm just working on fixing that problem and will update very soon !

I uploaded a picture of what happened when I printed at 100%. What's the scaling change in the new upload you recently posted? Also, did you fix the problem with the spaces inside of the cap that causes it to break into three pieces?

So the bottom and sides are one size, and the top, cap & center are much smaller. I'm wondering if what I've already printed can be salvaged by printing a larger top, cap and center. Then printing a smaller bottom and sides - that way I'd have two prints at different sizes. I would look into this but I'm at work and don't have anything to read the files.

Could you post some photos towards the bottom so we can get a better look of how it fits together

Comments deleted.

I don't have another one atm, I gave the last one. I'll share with you when I'll print some.

What is the scale for this? The pieces as they are do not fit together

@Kickbut101 you're correct. If printed the scale for everything is off.

100% for every piece.
I don't have any problem with my Prusa

I'm honored! A beautiful remix!

Thanks to you buddy :)