Big CD Windmill

by Mongrel Nov 26, 2016
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I could have sworn I sent a thank you for posting this. I did edit it to receive a bearing from a fidget spinner I got on clearance (excellent chance to stock up on ALL of the bearings, now all of the things move). we did recently have a day of high winds and it sadly tore my old one apart, it lasted for a little over a year out of PLA at an 18% infill. The center hub remains, I just printed new arms at a higher infill percentage, and on the back fence it squats.
Thank you again for hours of mindless fascination, there is a disco party in my backyard for the squirrels daily.

wanted to post a video of the windmill. But videos are not accepted here.

ok so you know what a drill is please stop being so abusive its a work in progress an idea if you can fix it well done then read the instructions and stop being so rude its free you can change it i guess you don't know how i think you need to learn how ok so send me $50 dollars and then i will fix it for you think about it .

Look at my problem. I did not change anything like size before the printout.

ok so calibrate read the instructions resize the STL files before you print them other wise can you please send me 30dollars for dealing with you're amateur problems


The cd's are to thin or is the space between the cd and the arm correct?

It's a good idea!, I made one. Your picture the mill is monted horizontal?Why?

i found horizontal the best it will spin even in light winds if you grease up the hub

Have you designed the hub with a different angle yet?

The holes on the ARM do not line up with the holes on the HUB_50_DEG. Is it possible to get a corrected ARM file?

yes i had that problem too and haven't got around to fix the STLl yet ,i found if you just drill them out with a drill it will fit.