Ultimate configurable dice

by energywave Dec 1, 2016
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These are awesome, any chance you might consider creating blanks for the other standard RPG dice like four, eight, ten, twelve and twenty sided dice?

Thank you so much! I'm happy you find them useful :) I'm not planning to build such dices at the moment but in the future... who know. In fact it could be interesting to improve my OpenScad capabilities ;) But I'm very busy at the moment so... not now.

Very very nice. Thanks for your work!

Thank you, I'm happy that someone find it helpful :)

Any chance this can be used to make a D8?

How does this work? You say without downloading? But Customizer doesn't show anything?

Thingiverse customizer is not working (with any customizable thing on the site!) right now. :( Here a reply from the support team: "We are aware of customizer being down. We are working to restore this service and should have a resolution for this service by Tuesday morning. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused."
Well, tuesday morning passed by. Let's hope they will fix it ASAP.
In the meantime you'll have to download files and open them in OpenScad. Don't be scared, it's simpler than you could imagine ;)

Customizer now opens but I get an error:

<RuntimeError: Failed to get https://www.thingiverse.com/download:3018762 403: Forbidden>

I tried openscad but teaching this programming stuff in addition to everything else I teach myself is just too much. I only use Fusion360. I will wait until the customizer works again ... or hope for some cheap GorkaMorka dice on eBay ;)

Hey! Seems that customizer is working again! I was able to customize my dice. Please try and tell me if you could complete it :)

I'm sorry that Thingiverse is taking so long to fix Customizer... I've tested myself and the error is the same you said. I've sent another support request to Thingiverse staff and I've seen the customizer comments page filled up with users telling the exact same error. Hope they fix it soon.
In the meanwhile if you want to use OpenScad there's nothing to learn, just follow these easy steps:
1) Download and install OpenScad from http://www.openscad.org/
2) Download the Ultimate_configurable_dice.scad file from files section and save it to a folder (let's say c:\Temp)
3) Put 6 png files named "1.png", "2.png", ... , "6.png" in the same folder where you put the Ultimate_configurable_dice.scad file (c:\Temp).
4) Double click on the Ultimate_configurable_dice.scad file. It opens up in OpenScad. Nothing to see, it's normal.
5) Press [F5] to preview the object so that you can see if it's ok. Hold down the left mouse button to rotate it and the mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
6) If you want to change some parameters (the same you find in Customizer), change the lines at the top of the code you find in the left pane (example: Roundness = 10, if you want a more square dice lower that value, if you want a more spheric dice use a higher value).
7) If images are raised instead of engraved you have to edit images and save them as negative.
8) If the preview seems ok (remember to press [F5] each time you want to see an updated preview) you can render the final object to print. To do so press [F6], wait (a lot of time...) then press the "STL" icon on the toolbar (the rightmost button) and save your printable STL file :)

That was quite detailed, it's more simple to do it than to write it! Save 6 images in the scad file folder, double click the scad file, press F6 then STL export. That's it! :)

This is a most excellent Thing. Thank you!

Thank you for the appreciation :)

awesome....I just printed dice for magic the gathering card game. The dice have +1/+1, +2/+2, +3/+3 and +1/+0, +2/+0 , +3/+0 in 32 mm inverted. I also made it with the number raised but i need to make it with support

Any chance you can share the files?

I'd like to make similar dice.

Thanks :)

the remix are here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2191693 this one is 32mm (1 1/4 inch) and https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2191621 this is 36mm (1 1/2inch).

+1/1-+3/+3_+1/+0-+3/+0_D6 Die Inverted

Thank you! I've seen them, they seems nice! Please post a picture in the made section! :)

I just added I made 1 so now there are pics. I do plan to do more different dice in the 6 side style.

I made 100x100 pixel PNG files for the faces. Rendering was less that 5 minutes on my Mac (2013 iMac, 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5, with OSX 10.12.3). Printing the first dice right now and it is looking fantastic. I am doing ion dice for my students to practice writing ionic formulae.

Wonderful!!! OpenSCAD is so slow to render the final mesh to export... :( But I'm happy you liked it and found that useful! I would really love if you put a picture of your dice in the "made" section :) Thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much for taking time to share your experience!!!

What are your rendering times in openSCAD? I had a reasonably simple design with different numbers on each side and with my MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 - it took over an hour just to "render".

I can get the thing sliced and printed in less than that time.

Is this normal? And if so, how did you possibly use openSCAD to build and test? Would hate to put a parameter in the wrong spot just to find out an hour later that it's rendering funny.

I find OpenSCAD VERY slow when rendering. The preview is somehow fast (F5) but rendering (F6) is so slow (with every model)... but not as much as you're saying! I've tried with an old Pentium Core 2 duo processor with 4 cores on Windows 10 64bit and the rendering time using "Textures-Standard" was 3 min and 29 sec. Here the log you can find in the bottom panel of OpenScad:

Compiling design (CSG Tree generation)...
Rendering Polygon Mesh using CGAL...
Geometries in cache: 36
Geometry cache size in bytes: 103332960
CGAL Polyhedrons in cache: 3
CGAL cache size in bytes: 36759600
Total rendering time: 0 hours, 3 minutes, 29 seconds
Top level object is a 3D object:
Simple: yes
Vertices: 9232
Halfedges: 38688
Edges: 19344
Halffacets: 20270
Facets: 10135
Volumes: 2
Rendering finished.

Maybe on macOS it's not optimized, I don't know, I'm using Windows 10 64bit. I've noticed that it uses not more than 25% cpu that lead me to the conclusion that OpenSCAD use one core only to render. But one hour is frankly too much for that hardware... Can't you try with Windows?

It must be my images. I just rendered the plain die and everything was smooth and usable. When I apply my images, the preview window is crazy sluggish, to the point where I just use the "view front/left/back/etc" buttons instead of click/drag.

The 1.5 hr render time was inflated because the screen went dark. I sat and watched it and it really took 33min to render without the machine going to sleep. Still a long render but again it's probably my images.

Thanks for the die for sure! I'll probably have a few customized versions for display here in Thingiverse soon enough.

Oh, I understood where is the problem! OpenScad is very slow when there are much polygons. I strongly suspect you used texture that are more than the advised size (in the instructions of the model) of 100x100 pixels... In that case polygons become exponentially more. In fact in my description it was unclear (I'll change it) because I wrote that if the images are more than 100x100 they will be scaled to that size. But that's true ONLY if you use Thingiverse customizer, NOT if you use OpenScad, where the image you use will be used without modifications.
That said is up to you do decide how much details you want. Bigger images = longer rendering times but better details when printed, smaller images = shorter rendering times but less details on printed object. I've set the limit of 100x100 to be rendered in a reasonable time.
I'm happy, however, that you're finding my model useful and can't wait to see your dices!!! :)

why are my engravings becoming raised instead of recessed?

Because you didn't read the section "Instructions about textures" :)
You have to creare a black image and draw in white (black will be normal face height, white will be recessed at the specified EngravingDepth parameter, all gray values will be more recessed as they come closer to white)
If your images are white with black drawing, however, no problem, you can do the following:

  • if you're using the Customizer here on Thingiverse: set the "invert colors" option of every texture
  • if you're using the OpenScad files find every of the six surface command and set the invert parameter to true
    This will invert the texture and the result should be what you expect.
    Let me know if you get the desired result and dont forget to... publish a picture if you print it! :)

No, I didn't see that. Thanks for explaining it. works great

Happy to be useful ☺