Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

RC Rally Chassis: MF-01RA

by McNugget Mar 15, 2012
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Kyosho TF-02 Spider Not and diff parts, or any of the thing he tells we need. I was hoping to find a car in great need of repair. Then rebuild it like new. Can not find a donor anywhere. Is there any way to convert this to use other car parts ?

It's always difficult to maintain projects for others that you actually just designed for yourself or just to show off. I apologize that I couldn't support more on parts.
The Kyosho is an old model and unlikely to be found anywhere. I'd almost go as far as calling this project obsolete until I pick it back up and do all the modifications needed to build it with modern parts.

Hi Did anyone knows what this Bling39 should be I printed all parts already a few years ago get all parts I need the only ones I missing are this Bling39 CVD once a year I try again to find out where to get but no one want or could help yet . every time i put it back to unfinished projects. I didnt know much about RC cars but it was looking like a great project so I started

hopefully this time soeone could help me out were to get this Bling39 CVD´s ( what ever this Bling 39 is) or know some who will also work.

best regards

Es wäre super wenn der getriebedeckel und vielleicht der komplette Antrieb wie differential und wellen vorhanden wäre! dann könnte mann sich ein fahrbereites chassis drucken.

Hello! I printed all parts.
I'm from Russia, so I can't find LRP parts. Will you give me SolidWorks part for differencial housing only? I think I can make a diff on my RepRap for your model, but I need the housing of differencial.

Genuine question; can you use skills you attained from your RC Car Hobby and size it by 10X? To compete with Tesla and such?

Really I Have only One part and some Support Material printing out on Plate 3

How do u print plate 1 and plate 3 ? Any chance of uploading a fixed version of plate 3 where parts are not lifted off the bed?

that would be great please also a version with only this 4 parts I saw this issue during the print so I have all parts of the plate only this 4 are missing

Any chance of releasing the Solidworks files for this master piece for community development and expansion? :)

I've been printing this up on my Prusa2 w/ Vik's IMPLA (Impact Modified). A few plates are really picky to print with IMPLA which has a rubbery texture to it. This will be a good test of the new formula, can't wait to get it built up; just plate 1 and 3 that I had to use sfact for are left; I ran everything else through Slic3r. Thanks for putting this together! 8-)

All printed, my esteps are much lower with IMPLA given it's rigidity(teeth ride further on the outside of the filament) so that fixed my printing problems 100% now to start cutting aluminum and sourcing suspension components!

Did you actually try it? :)

I never made the alum base plate, i should, i have all the pieces sitting here... I suck..

Hi, is it possible to have the file all assembled on solidworks ?

I'd like to change the scale of the car, to make it hold in a 102010 cm box

Thks a lot and very nice job !

Plate 3 also requires rafts though you need to inspect the model closely to see the floating connecting links. Luckily slic3r correctly placed supports for me.

It would be most helpful to have the stl's for individual placement on a printer as everyone has a different setup. ;)

And thanks for sharing your efforts!

Ok, I just checked that and you're probably right. I didn't notice any problems using Skeinforge, I didn't need a raft. But maybe you print with a smaller layer height. In that case it really could matter.

I zip the files seperately when I have a little more time...

Sounds great. Actually, I run Pro-E so almost any CAD file format is okay if that is easiest for you.

Printed Plate #5

turned out just fine.

If I might make a suggestion I would change the angle of the joint between plate #5 and #6 so that the tall part is only on #5 plate...

Yes, I thought about that, too. But I was hoping to get a more rigged chassis when I leave it like it is. But I can provide the complete chassis plate so that everyone can cut it down as needed and wanted :)

While Printing Plate 6 I had a problem with the tall part that sticks up. Kinda turned out like a pile of mush...

True... my fault. I wanted to put something tall enough onto the plate - but I forgot. I had the samproblem, but the part and the lever is still usable... just doesn't look so well ;)

I think mine will still be useable as welll... though It could have turned out better if I had a fan on my printer. Going to tackle another plate today.

a zip with all the individual .stl's would be useful for smaller plate printers and for individual part repairs.

it looks like the largest part ( plate 6 ) is 163mm x 149mm x 39mm

not sure smaller printers can handle that...

I know the mosaic can't print that. The print area for the mosaic is 110 x 110 x 130

also whats the scale?

As LRP's S10 is 1:10 and the chassis looks about the right size, i'd assume the MF-01RA is 1:10 as well.

Yeah, its a 1:10th scale car with 257mm wheel base and is 185mm wide. But you can attach other tires so that you can get the chassis wider up to 200mm if necessary.

Can you seperate the parts into individual pieces?

Sweet model, dude. Really top notch.

Any idea what the cost of all the non-printed parts would be?

Well, I can make a list, but its not gonna be much under 100 bucks, I guess. Problem is most of the parts are from cars I had lying around. So it was more the obvious choice. I bought some parts though.

Bling39 CVD - around 2x 10,50€
S10 differentials - around 2x 30€ (including housing)
ball bearings - around10€ a set
middle drive shaft around 8€
and main gear with slipper clutch around 12€

I think thats it. But its unique and it seems to be working quite well so far! :D

Its probably cheaper to buy a used LRP S10 Blast TX, but the car is not very reliable as a Truggy... thats why I salvaged all its parts.

Don't suppose you fancy doing the same with an off road buggy? lol ;)

Well actually I think more of a Short Course Truck to be honest :)

After a lot of bashing I want more scale looks - and a Truggy, Buggy or Monster Truck will give me that. So its rally and SC Trucks for now :)

I've always fancied making a Warthog from the Halo games, this has given me so many ideas!

Don't suppose you made these parts in opens cad did you? If so any chance of releasing those as well?

I think he used solidworks...

Printing one now a little concerned about plate 1 with the overhangs gonna use support...

I would love to make a 1/10 short course truck... if you design one I'll help test it. :)

True. Plate #1 must be printed with a good solid support which is really close to the turn buckles. Otherwise they might deform a lot or don't work at all...