28mm General Store Goods Sample Pack

by Curufin Nov 28, 2016
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I really love the modular design. I will print this as soon as I have the chance but I think I will buy the full set afterwards. Thank you very much for this sample pack.

just tried to buy full version but it tells me zip folder is empty? any help would be awesome.

Check you email.

Comments deleted.

Just purchased the full set. Thanks for making this and look forward to printing and adding to my game :)

This is amazing! I will probably be buying a full set. That being said, you should have a discount bundle for "purchase all"!
seriously, great work.

Would you mind sharing how you painted the weapon handles and the cast iron? And what color did you use for the wood for the bow saw? I got all the cabinetry painted, now time to work on the accessories.

EDIT: Did you paint the cast iron gunmetal then dry brush on black?

I painted straight metallic black on the prybar, pan, and cooking pot. No drybushing and no gunmetal.

The Prybar, pan, and cooking pot are just metalic black. Some of the dagger blades are Pewter and some are Silver. The crossguards and pommels are either pewter, silver, bass, or gold (all daggers are different). For the wood handles, saw, and belt pouches I just Bob Ross'ed it. I took several different browns on my palate and mixed them together in different ratios so every item would be a little different. The darker handles look like they have a heavy ratio of Raw Sienna.

You've really outdone yourself this time! Those are so gorgeous! I'm definitely going to be purchasing the full set!

You tease!! lol I'll def be picking up the full set though!

Sweet! I would love to see what you do with it.