Bracelet - Voronoi Style

by roman_hegglin Nov 28, 2013
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I shouldn't use supports, should I?

Not if your printer is well calibrated.

How you made it? It looks awesome!

MeshLab, Rhino, Grasshopper and Blender.
See here:


I tried printig the Voronoi B model. It prints well, but there are two massive self-intersections. One at one place on the bottom at the inside of the model and one on the top. I don't know that happened there, but it looks a bit like the polygons were accidentally moved before saving. Could you please check that?

Ich werde es mir mal anschauen.
Danke für die Info!

How to print model A without supports?!? Impossible because too less material touching print surface. Is enable supports then will make a lot of supports until top of object and i think is a crazy thing to remove then.
Any help?

I had the same problem for A or B models. At this time i try the A model with support. I expect the result would be Ok.
I encountered other problem with the actual weather. My appart is cold, and i had to up the extruder temp to 210 and the bed temperature to 65.
No easy to print these models.
Have you tried the voronoi cats ?

have you tried to use a raft or print the B instead of the A model?

I tried RAFT but it lift all the model over the print bed......very strange.
I didn't tried model B.
Do you think that is impossible to print with supports?
What do you sudgest to me, for a good print of this ?

You can try to flatten model A a bit. It should be easier to print then.

Should be flatten too much.....about 10 mm... more or less, too much. I can't understand how people print this....
I'm using Prusa P3 Steel, J-Head 0.35mm PLA 1,75 (chinese) @200/198°, Hotbed @0°.
Slic3r is setted without infill, only perimeters, 0.25 first layer 0.22 others.

Need more infos?

10 mm is way to much. 1-2mm should be more than enough. if you do that and use a raft it should be no problem to print without support. I always heat the hotbed to 60C.

i tried raft.... but after 2 or 3 layers it doesn't print anymore, because it start to print in the air.

Thanks man for what you told me till now, please, how to set raft? How Much?

I have added flatbottom-variants. Try to print one of these.

Tried..... worst than before, because there are still some part that doesn't touch bed, sliced with Slic3r.

This shouldn't be a problem at all if some parts are not connected to the build plate.
This thing has massive overhangs. don't you think that if your printer should be able to print this overhangs it would be no problem at all if there are some overhangs starting with layer two?