BatteryMag - 14x AA Dispenser

by guido666 Nov 28, 2016
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So... I gave up on buying a spring. Can anyone please caliper the wire diameter, count the number of loops(I counted 15) and post it here? I'll buy wire and make some springs. From images it looks like 0.8 mm... maybe. Thanks!

I'm sure they can vary some, but the spring I have on my desk is Ø0.060" wire, and there are 15 complete coils.

'd be awesome to have a pin in the middle of the buttomplate instead of a hole. and a bigger hole for the feather holding part.
that way the parts could snap together without a screw. you can still push the pin up to remove the buttom holder

I actually had a version that way, and it didn't work well. That makes the part always require supports, and supports don't always come off cleanly. So it made the part challenging to understand the tolerances of, and I didn't like the couple I printed.

you wouldnt.

imagine 2 extra holes in the bottom your "springbase" directly unter those spring holding pyramids and 2 cylinders on top of your floorplate to snap into the holes of your springbase. keep the center hole as pushbutton to push the springbase up a little bit. else you wouldnt be able to remove the floorplate anymore

Ok, yeah, I'm following what you're saying. That could work.

I like the design, I made a cap for the AA mag https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2932377

Battery Mag Cap AA

Neat! You can mark it as a remix, and it will show up linked from this Thing.

Could add round count holes to see how many batteries are in the mag?

So has anyone got the specs on an ar15 30round mag spring? I need to find an alternative as gun shops don't ship internationally and there isn't a market for ar15 mags in aus.

I guess I need the min and max lengths and the gauge of the wire. I'm having trouble finding anything on the google machine.

I'll need an updated floor plate and carrier to suit the different spring too, but I'll have a go at working that out once I find a spring

Ask brownells.com.au if they will bring this in for you. They sell these in the UK shop (and everything is shipped to order from the US in a big weekly shipment). As it happens - we don't have a big market for AR15 magazines either.


Thanks, I'll give that a go.

I could have been clearer I guess. When I said there isn't a market, I meant they are completely illegal, however we are just talking about a spring. I'll see what they say :)

So... where is the battery gun? :D Love the idea, but it is useless without a gun or some other sort of dispenser.

love!!!!! can u make for AAA? ty!!!

Are these things NY compliant lol Love the design!

any chance you could make a mod to do single stacked 9v?

Yes, but it probably won't be for a while. I'm in the middle of building a CNC plasma cutter, so my engineering free time is mostly consumed for the next couple months. After that, I'll probably revisit a few of these designs, as I've had requests for various other configurations and battery sizes.

Would love to see a short AAA version.

Awesome idea problem just like rounds there tight going in and out once its full

Yep, the last couple are tight, just like real magazines. Nothing is really different between the two. You can leave a battery or two out, if it bothers you.

Does this need to be 100% Infill? thats a lot of filiment

You can be the first one to find out. The reason for the high infill is that the magazine spring is putting a lot of pressure, especially fully compressed (loaded with batteries), on a fairly small total surface area (the area of the wall of magazine all the way around - probably less than 1 square inch). Of course, between the layers is exactly how 3D printing is weakest.

So as an analogy, imagine you printed a 1" square stick, several inches tall. How much force could you pull on it with, top to bottom, without pulling it apart? By turning the infill down, you start carving away at how thick that stick is. So at 50% infill, not counting shell passes, you cut that 1" square to a 1/2" square. Can the spring rip it apart now?

If you try it, report back!

I've read countless times now that 100% infill is in fact more fragile than 90%....

brownells' link is dead... do you have an alternate?

Thanks again, love this concept and outcome!

Do you have a link to an article? I've never heard that about infill, and couldn't find anything when I googled it.

I'll try to get an alternative link for the mag spring, but honestly any AR-15 30-round magazine spring should work. That Brownell's link was just the cheapest one that came up in a Google shopping search.

yea makes sense specially when its designed just like a regular mag and the rounds are under a lot of pressure, Just ordered 3 springs to build a few of these thanks for the awesome design :)

Thanks for Sharing!!! Brilliant!!!

Might try Orange Mod Works for a AAA spring. They mostly do stuff for Nerf Guns but they have some high tension longer springs. Also they are pretty cheap. Awesome idea!

Hey there!

Awesome Idea! Will you release a Version for AAA Batterys too?

Potentially. I have been meaning to look into it, but haven't had time yet. One of my concerns is that AAA batteries will need a magazine width that is too narrow to use the AR-15 magazine spring. If so, I'm not sure where people could get a spring from. We'll see.

Another potential issue will be that, similar to complaints about my other AAA battery dispensers, the gap between the feed lips at the top of the magazine will be too narrow to get your finger in (to slide the batteries out).

I would think that the ar spring should work well as a AAA will be closer to the diameter of a 5.56 case than a AA is. i think too much room length wise may be more of an issue.

Just calipered each as I have both sitting on my bench.

AAA battery = 10.19mm
5.56 case = 9.35mm

so yeah. AAA's double stack in a STANNAG mag nicely. I was stoked to print out these but realizing that I have a surplus of mag is super funny. Just going to use the mags I have. Still an awesome idea by ACC.

I wonder if a single feed magazine style would work.

It's a possibility, though it will be unfortunate that no matter what pistol spring you chose it would not be as popular as an AR-15 spring. I'm not saying for sure the AAA version won't work with an AR-15 mag spring, I just don't know yet (e.g. haven't measured and calculated).

What about say a Glock or Springfield pistol magazine spring?

Maybe, but it's probably not long enough (or in other words, you could only put a few batteries in it). I haven't confirmed that an AR mag spring won't work for AAAs, but I suspect it is close enough that it's not a slam dunk.

Glock (well it might be aftermarket) does have those extended 30 round pistol magazines.

Another thought is 10/22 springs from the banana mags but i don't that that would be strong enough for batteries.

This is AWESOME!
But my printer won't print that high.
I would have to print it laying down and that needs rafts that need cleaned.
I need 1 for 8 AA batteries. So I tried to modify and my program can't split it.
I might have to get a different printer.
I love it!
Great idea and Great Job!

BatteryMag - 10x & 12x AA Dispenser Bodies

Send me a private message with your email address and I can try to shorten it for you. I think I designed it pretty well to accept modification, but I don't know what the result will be (e.g. it might break some features, like the number of decorative grooves on the side, etc.). What's the tallest your printer can print?

What a great idea, thanks for your time!

You're very welcome. Thanks for commenting, and be sure to post an "I Made One" picture if you print one!