by Jimbotron Nov 29, 2016
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Hi there! Nice design!

For those like me who think there's pieces missing, the big part contains top and bottom pieces..;)

Thank you!

Do you have an extension piece to add to this, i've got a lot of Sharpies and would love to make an extended one like your pencil one?

Love the print orientation of both parts in one, clever!



Sure, I just made a 4 slot and 2 slot optional extension STL file. I'm uploading them now. If you print these please share a pic and let us know the print settings and how it turns out. I think you'll need hairspray or some other trick to get the 4 slot extension to stick to the build plate. So, I made the 2 slot extension to make things easier (you can always stack up the 2 slot versions to get as high as you, the design, and Gravity will allow).

Awesome work, thanks for the quick turn around! When I get this printed I will create a "make" and let you know how I got on. At Christmas here in the UK, Sharpies go crazy and offer 20-30-40 style packs of every colour under the sun, never thought you could have so many shades!!



Thanks, I'm looking forward to seeing your make. 40 packs of Sharpies! wow! I'm guessing that the stand would start to lose stability at about 16 to 24 pens. Should I make a snap in wider base (to print with 100% infill) for stability?

Once in awhile I see packs with 20ish but typically we get the 8 pack with ROYGBIV colors and Gold, Silver, Black packs here in the States. I'm jealous.