Wanhao I3 Plus Fan Duct w/ Inductive Sensor Mount

by jumdar Nov 29, 2016
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Do you have the CAD file? I find that is 8mm too high. Also would like to make space for my short fan cord.

Not sure how I can print it using Cura - it either puts supports throughout the whole thing or just under the sensor bracket. Any idea?

Edit: worked out how to do it (Cura 3.2.1):
1) generate a simple cube STL file (e.g. OpenSCAD: cube(100);) and import into Cura alongside the fan duct model
2) make sure the settings "ensure models are kept apart" is not selected in preferences
3) drag the cube over where you don't want supports
4) go to "per model settings" and choose "Don't support overlap with other models" in Mesh Type
5) ensure in special modes, print sequence is "all at once" (otherwise it won't slice... took me a while to work this out!)
6) slice!

Yup... Set your supports to "Touching buildplate". It won't do any internal supports that way.... might see some at the mouth of the openings, but that's it.

That said, the overlapping cube idea is really neat, and I will be investigating it!

What fans are you using? I damaged one of mine and I'm looking for a replacement that isn't super loud.

Fractal 40mm from newegg. But they've doubled in price since I bought them and are 12v. They'd work with i3 v2.1 but the i3 plus is 24v. You'd need to make a voltage divide to use them with the plus.

Thanks. I didn't realize the v2.1 was 12v. I have a plus

I'm interested in what you're doing with the inductive sensor. I played with one for awhile, but didn't seem to get reliable results.


Maybe you could try leveling just using the light indicator? Send the home all command, leave Z at the homed height, disable motors, and manually move the head to each corner. The led should light up at each spot with the coin underneath. Then start at the bottom left and manually tune the height with the bed screw until the light just starts to flicker off. Now move around doing the same leveling.. front left, back right, back left, front right, front left. Then do it a second time.

What are you doing with your sensor?

As for me, I've somewhat lost interest. I'll get back to it when have some time to think about it.

Good! I printed it for my wanhao i3 plus and everything fitted perfectly. The mount on top and the screw holes all where tight fit. Good job and thank you :)