Geneva Drive Model

by jkeegan Nov 28, 2013
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May I ask why you created such low resolution polygons instead of more fancy circles?
It would only have been one parameter adjustment in OpenSCAD, so I assume you purposely did it that way?

I’m on my phone so right now I don’t have the model in front of me to check, but I’m shocked if I forgot to throw a $fn=60 or more in there. No it wasn’t deliberate - change it at will. I also wanted to make the finger hole deeper but never got around to it. Thanks for the comment!

I went through the source file and apparently you didn't use the $fn parameter at all... I added it now with 120 for most parts (less for the axis) and made the finger hole a bit deeper.
Should I upload it as a remix when I get time? Or I could just as well just send it to you (I think this should be possible via comments here?) if you like.

Whichever you prefer!

Alright, I finally had time to actually print it and test out if it works (It does, though my print is not really a beauty, I'm still at a quite experimental state with my 3D printing skills). I'd have had a bad feeling uploading stuff I hadn't tested myself.
I'll just put the scad file here, use it as update if you want. This site seems to put quite a focus on copyright, but I hope it's ok if I just write here that you can use it as update for the existing Thing you made.