Spool holder for makerfarm prusa i3

by antslake Nov 29, 2013
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What axel sizes work best?

Has anyone used this for the 12" Version with the Rumba/Graphical LCD?

I have an i3v 12" with a Rumba board and Graphical LCD and I just printed these today. They work great mounted around middle / left side of the top of the printer. I'll try to add a pic to the makes.

I might try moving it around to see if there is space on the other side of the LCD frame later. Let me know if you find a better way to mount it.

I am using this with the 5kg spool and its works great. It rests on the LCD but even with a full spool my extruder has not had a problem pulling the filament. I have about 20 hours of printing with this. However, I do recommend a cooling method for the extruder fan if you are using the 5kg spool because it needs to work a little harder than usual. Greart Design, my favorite for my i3. Thanks!

I can make it a little taller if you want.

Or if you have scad files or sketchups I can make it taller.

The sketchup file was there also .dae can be imported into sketchup. I made one for you, I added 40mm to it. It should just fit on a 200mm bed, maybe don't print a skirt. If you make one, upload a picture, because I am not making one. I just built a new spot for my printer, and I will have to design a horizontal spool holder now, as it would be too tall.

Spool holder tall

Thanks! Apologies for my ignorance, still relatively new at this. When I import the .dae to meshlab, export as an .stl and import that to netfabb, Will I need to scale it and specify the new dimensions? It seems like about 28mm more would suffice.

The .dae you open with sketchup and edit. Only when your done do you need to maybe run a check on it in netfabb. I added 40mm because that would be max on the build platform, glad you like it!

That would be awesome. I would download and print that immediately. Let me know if you find time to do this! Thanks again man, I love it.

Having issues with Slic3r blowing up when trying to either slice as-is or rotating the piece to fit the build platform. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm using v0.9.9 as recommended by Makerfarm.

I use Cura without a problem. I have a makerfarm also. Slic3r gave me too much trouble.

Where did you get the hub for the spool?

I designed it and is in my list of things.

Would this work for a Prusa i3 6"? Also, how much weight can it take? Thanks!

I don't know. You couldn't make it with a 6" build platform as it would not fit. Someone else posted a picture of one they made with like 3 spools on it. I keep 2 on mine so it can hold a lot. You can download the stl file and put it in blender and measure the demensions to see if it would fit your machine, but you need an 8" machine to make one.

Would absolutely love to print this! Could you please put up the .stl file though?

Ok got the stl figured out, it's up now.

Awesome, Thank you so much!

For some reason the version of sketchup I have on my laptop does not let me export as stl. Going to have to figure out how.