String Potentiometer fixed dimensions

by TronicGr Nov 29, 2016
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Have you made any 7+ feet long?

Do you have a step file for this? Repeater is saying it’s not a closed solid. I also want to tweak the design to make is print better.

Really bad ass! I could see this being really perfect for fine adjustments since it seems to be very "Organic" feeling. Everyone has played with those key things a million times..

I could see this being used by people like crane operators for fine x/y adjustments! Just have one pull for each direction on the x/y axis. When you pull on it it moves a set amount given the amount of travel, and then doesn't move back when you let go. That way if you needed to move a direction more than one full pull would allow, you could real back in and pull again. Just have one for each direction... (This would all be in addition to the normal controls..)

Anyways, Really frikin awesome! There are so many possibilities! You could even use this with three linear actuators in a delta configuration and three of these for precision tool control.. So cool!

Nice work, do you happen to know if this can be use to "close-loop" a stepper motor position?


I don't see why not. I use these for linear actuators:

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