CubeX Spool Holder

by seongk Nov 29, 2013
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Does anyone know how to get the cubex duo working with cura. I am using kisslicer at the moment but Cura seems so much easier

My current 1.04 Cubex prints with NO chip installed at all. :?????

Anyhow I printed your excellent Spool Holder and while it works as is, I have trouble finding the best spot to place it, as movements of the extruder make the spool filament to drop from bulk filament manufacturers like bq (specially on brand new spools).

Any suggestions?

Where the pics suggest to place it, the head will hit the holder inside the case :?

EDIT: Ah wait you reroute it inside the original tubing, not direct feed!?

I have printed this and mounted it on the side, as shown in the pic and re-routed one of the tubes to come out of the Lid but you could just use the regular route but I would not feed it directly in as it may get caught and cause a filament flow error

filament spool made of cardboard.
can you please tell me what manufacturer is it?

3DSystems, CubeX manufacturer.

Really Works Thank u so much!


I really like this design. Could you please make a variant where the support tube is only 1 inch in diameter (same length)? I also use a filament that comes in a spool that has a smaller support hole and I would love to just replace the supporting tube when printing with this filament.


Join the Google group, look for Kisslicer Refugee camp, and there you'll find the Cubeitmod's free download. Enjoy !!!

To print with bulk filament you don't need hacked chips or old firmwares.
Use Kisslicer with CubeItMod, it works also with 1.07Firmware without any original cartridge inserted and last but not the least your
print quality will be much much more BETTER !!!

would you be able to tell me or show me a pic of how and where you are feeding the filament thank you. printed very nice...

I've also noticed that on your last pic you have a drum of different filament. if you have any info on how i can get round the chip with my cube please email me scottylad7@gmail.com. Thanks

I have no idea about the hacked chip. However, with an old software and old firmware (v1.04 or lower), it is possible to print with an empty cartridge. You can print with 3rd party filament while an empty cartridge installed.

Have you been able to use any other makes of filament? Or are you sticking with the cubify originals? I've heard of a piece of hardware that allows you to bypass the chip and then you can buy cheaper and larger drums of filament.

Hi. I've got the cube, how have you got round not using the cubify cases?

CubeX cartridges makes a lot of problems like jamming.
You can disassemble it as in the following link: