Laser cut living hinge phone stand

by Wyn_Griffith Nov 30, 2016
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Loved the design, modified the original idea to accommodate 3D-Printing. This involved making a similar drawing to the one provided, but double-lined as to provided enough tolerance and spaces. Also, went from a single central arm to two outer arms to allow room in the middle for logos :)

Fantastic idea design. I remixed the design and used it on the back of a picture as a really classy kickstand. Thanks for the great work!

This is awesome. Cutting stuff like this helps me to understand how to design it. I scaled it for iPad and it was perfect. I'd like to see the bottom supports be part of the whole thing like the main support... that way this could be a freakin business card that noone would ever throw away... (put the info where those 2 holes are).

The thing file has only one height adjustment notch. In the picture, I see 4. Is this a different model or am I supposed to add my own notches?
This is very cool, makes a neat office present. Thanks for sharing the model.

Hi, yes I reduced the number of slots as they didn't make any noticeable difference to the angle. (But they are shown in phots since I amended afterwards). Glad you like it, its great to share.

That makes sense. I tried to move the lever up and down and can see what you are describing.

thank you good luck

There's not anywhere clever that the feet store in it is there?

Hi, no unfortunately not! That would be usefull though. I've got an idea but no time to try it at present.

  1. eliminate rectangular cutouts surronding the legs in the drawing
  2. Taper the sided of the legs (only the part that isnt inserted in the square hole)
  3. Extend the tapered cut outs so that the legs can be inserted and slid along the taper so that they grip and stay put

Some experimenting with the taper angle will probably be needed.

Hope that helps