Low static volume dog waterer base.

by MiseryBot Mar 17, 2012
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what size bottle is that so i can write it on my remix ? 1 gallon ?

Just a heads up, you should not be using ABS for food items, especially liquids that work as a solvent like water.

I love the design though and will print one in PLA for my brothers dog

A dogs dish should be cleaned often. This lets owners forget that.

Responsible Owners will not forget about it

Very cool project, and great looking results.

I use a gravity fed watering system for chickens that uses one of those carboys and a small reservoir connected to a hose. The reservoir uses the same principal. I ran into a problem that might be relevant here. With the smaller reservoir size, make sure your water level is fairly low in the bo
wl, otherwise the thermal expansion and contraction from ambient temperature changes can push the water down and overflow the bowl. Cool nights can cause it to suck up air, and a hot day can expand that air and push water out. This will be less of an issue indoors, but may still happen, especially
when the water level in the container is low.

Good work on the project, and thank you for sharing it.