X Carriage (Re-D-Bot with E3D v6 or Volcano)

by NickRimmer Dec 8, 2016
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Any way you could post the originals?

Can you provide the not sliced versions of the decorative covers?

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What size screws should I use for the fan shroud for the heatblock heatsink? I tried using the ones recommended for the dbot build, but they are slightly too small, and there is no slot for me to tighten it down with a nut.

Do you have any plans on making a 3-wheel version of the back- and frontplates? This is very cool design, i am going to have this first on my d-bot when it finishes :)

Also, have you listed the hardware part sizes somewhere? I have a ton waiting for the D-Bot build but it would be nice to have the BOM for all hardware parts :)

Everything is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1001065 All files, BOM, wiring diagram, everything!

D-Bot Core-XY 3D Printer

I was after the parts list for this X-carriage, not the original D-bot. Thanks though - i think i have the parts already as i have sourced them with the help of those guides/sheets you linked.

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1930233/zip here you go, this link is for these parts ;-)

X Carriage (Re-D-Bot with E3D v6 or Volcano)

umm yeah i meant the hardware parts - nuts, bolts and all that. Metal parts :)

Any chance you're still considering the Chimera version?

Hello, I bought the wrong T-slot. Can you provide the next version of T-slot? Thanks very much

This part good for E3D v6 or only for v6?

Hi! Great work! Can you provide the Carriage base front and back step files please? I'm using eccentric spacers and starting to print your carriage. Thank you!

I want to know whether the use of 40*20 fans?

there is some problem, circular cooling rests in lead screw in original d-bot when making homing.

Lead screw just too a long (; You can make them a bit shorten.

Any way someone could remix this for 2020 extrusion ? I am regretfully not at the stage yet where I can do that myself :(

Look very, very pretty and rich! Very nice design.
I'm build with Chimera hotend, are you plan to make same design for those hotend? ;-)

I bought one, so probably (;

Very nice, definitely makes a DIY printer look a lot more like a higher-end factory made printer, though the D-Bot is definitely one of the nicer designs.

Could this part work with an e3d volcano?

Yes, fan duct is adjustable.

This design is really nice looking and so cool, I always thinking to replace the two cooling fans with one 40mm or 50mm fan on top of the cover at 45 degrees facing forward, this idea needs some modification in the cover by having two embedded longitudinal ducts . I'm sure this will give clear view to the hot-end and on sides. Thank you for sharing this Thing :)

Inductive proximity sensor holder will?

Unfortunately, I think will not -_-
With Re-D-Bot printer, this is not very popular operation. Bed mounted pretty hard, and don't required calibration every time, when you starting print.

Would it be possible to get a version of the covers without the text for non D-Bot printers?

updated_Decorative_Cover_front_part1_no_title.STL and updated_Decorative_Cover_front_part2_no_title.STL in files (;

Thanks. Will take a look at them.

Are you using any type of Z probe? I have printed up most of it for test fitting. Got some ideas of possible mounts, but wanted to see if you already have something.

Also, was there a reason for E3Dv6_holder_part1 being a seperate piece instead of an integrated part of the carriage?

Hi ElmoC (=
We don't using Z probe. We still thinking about what kind of probe we will use - tenso or inductive.

I have made some mods to the rear carriage that adds a tab to allow you to mount a holder for a probe. Also had to modify the rear cover for it. I have only made a holder for a BL Touch. I have also modified the front carriage to hold an E3D Titan Extruder using a pancake motor. Will be posting these later after I finish upgrading the printer.

Would you mind sharing this? I am extremely interested!

grate work! looks very nice

Thank you friend (;

Have you actually printed this and tested it out on a printer? If so, could you include some pictures of it in use?

Of course, I published after tested. Not very long time how it was with my other carriage, but I think all will be ok. I'll take a few photos and probably short video to show how it is, a bit later (;

Does nobody actually read what the Remix Challenge is!
Entries are supposed to be remixes of things from the "Remix Challenge collection".
Not just anything you have remixed.

Thank you, I'll fix it