Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Parametric Gyro Cube

by whosawhatsis Mar 17, 2012
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Printed these, but how do you connect the pins?

I'm trying to make a mock-up design of this in Autodesk Inventor. Did you take the same model and just scale it down inside of itself to make the consecutive cubes? I just can't get it to work in Autodesk.

Hi, great model I love it but the spikes were too short and the cube can't reach it. Could you elongate them by around 1 mm please

Same problem here, with the cube at 75% (Scaled the .stl)

When editting the .scad to scale the cube to 50% or 60%, it "self destructs" during printing...
(Well, it is a work in progress so I guess i could size up the spikes/bearing things...)

i got replicator 2x, i scale to 75%, i have a problem around 55% of the print.
i use the right extruder at mid resolution (makerbot slicer). the way it building it, my left extruder was hitting the part and unstick it from build plate.

You Need To Level Your Extruders.

the same problem happened with me, i only have one extruder though, is there a way i can fix it?

It took three tries to get the new Replicator teething problems solved for the 11 hr build. Neat item, I'll do a two color print sometime. ---- Nature at 75%

Added: wite ABS 60% size

Scaled to 60%, but then the walls are almost too thin; the print head keeps displacing them as it builds the bridges.

Hmmm... got this part to skein just fine, but RepG won't open the GCode! (is there a max size to GCode files?)

Yep - there is a limit for RepG. Try using Printrun instead.

Just tried RepG 31, and it seems to work OK there!

This printed very nicely! The dimples and spikes may need to be elongated so that they share more space.

Did you print with supports?

Printed just fine without supports! This is a great file!

Yep, the little nubs were too small on mine too, I'll see if I can measure it.

Any idea by how much?