Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand aka Proton Gun

by wwwell Dec 1, 2016
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It the print the same size as the one in the movies?

Hi, poolefire93,

Yes, it is.

Thanks for the great build!
Just one question: What glue did you use? I printed in PLA but my glue (UHU Hart) seems not to stick very well... normally it works very well with PLA.
I'm thinking about screwing things together with a nut and a threaded rod...


Hi, der_n0x,

Glad that you liked it!
Try using Loctite Super Glue or similar. It usually works with PLA.
Screwing the parts together is a good idea, too.

Hope that helps! And don't forget to show us the results! =)


Done! :) Thanks!

Awesome, der_n0x! =)