Battleshots XL, a laser-cut drinking game

by Myself, published

Battleshots XL, a laser-cut drinking game by Myself Mar 18, 2012


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Plays just like Battleship, but you drink when your opponent hits you! This design requires 34 20x100mm test-tubes to hold the liquid. NOTE that I recommend scaling this down to 12x75mm tubes! I originally ordered those, but the seller shipped the wrong tubes so I scaled the whole thing up, hence the "XL". This design uses only cord to hold it together, no hardware, no adhesives.


Uprights: Whiteboard, 375x495mm, two pieces. (Or if you find something double-sided that takes dry-erase marker well, just use one and etch on both faces. I guess opaque white acrylic would work.)

Playfields: Translucent blue acrylic, 375x375mm, two pieces. I used wood and it was a bad idea, because wood swells up when you spill enough beer on it. I think ocean-blue would look great, especially if you add some artwork to jazz it up. Waves, perhaps?

Bottom layers: Opaque blue acrylic, 375x375mm, two pieces. These are identical in size to the playfields but featureless, aside from the mounting holes. Draw some sea-floor stuff on 'em (critters, shipwrecks) for style?

Fasteners: About 3m of thin cord, I used a "parachute cord" style material but much thinner, maybe 2mm diameter. It was fairly stretchy, which was annoying; aim for something stout and easy to tie. No other fasteners required.

Tubes: I got my test tubes cheap on Amazon. They sent the wrong ones. (Seller explains that he was on vacation and let his shipping guy pull the orders. Oops!) So, that's why this thing is so big, and is used with beer. The original concept was for much smaller tubes, appropriate for liquor.

Files: I'm not sure if the different line types are obvious in the DXF files. I originally designed the whole thing in Leetro LaserCut 5.3, which sucks (it's totally NOT a cad package), but I was pressed for time and it's all I had. LaserCut can export DXF which Thingiverse seems to like, but if you want the original files, leave a comment and I'll upload those too.

Cutting: On the playfield, etch the text, then cut the holes and the perimeter. On the uprights, etch the grid and the text, then cut the holes and the perimeter. On the bottom layers, simply cut the holes and the perimeter.

Assembly: Cut four short (~15cm) lengths of cord, and use them to tie the pieces together using the small holes inset from the edges. If this isn't obvious from the pics, please let me know and I'll make a diagram. Then, cut two long pieces of cord, and run them in an X from the corner of the bottom layer, through the playfield, up to the upright, then across the upright (crossing in the middle through the U-shaped cutout) and down through the other hole. Again, if this isn't obvious from the pics, please leave a comment and I'll explain it better. Tie knots to let the boards rest on the knots.

Note: In the photos, the marker grid on the uprights is the exact same scale as the hole grid in the playfield. This means that it extends down behind the tubes, and it's awkward to get your marker in there to record shots if you have tubes placed in the first few rows. I fixed this in the files that I've uploaded here, so the grid on the uprights is smaller and should provide adequate clearance.

Gameplay: It's just like the well-known Milton-Bradley Battleship game, but not suitable for kids! Drink when one of your ships gets hit. (Putting the tube back into the board, upside-down, is a good way to remember where your ships were as they start to get destroyed.)

Gameplay modifications: Loser must consume any remaining tubes in the winner's fleet. Load one tube with a mystery shot. Some of my friends simply used the tubes as placeholders, and took a sip from their regular beer bottle when hit, a sensible modification for germophobes.

For the foul-mouthed: It was noisy, so I was using phonetics (alfa, bravo, charlie, delta..) to call out my guesses. My opponent started making up his own (abortion, boobs, chlamydia, dingleberry...) and it kinda escalated from there. Coming up with a new word for every turn was harder than the whole rest of the game, slowed us down a lot, and made us laugh a lot harder.

Just sayin: "Frigate" is an awesome word.

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Wow this is great work haha. Keep it up.

You could put all the layers on hinges so it would compact down to carry around.

The cord works as hinges, that's exactly why I did it that way! Grab the cords that cross through the topmost notch, and lift. The playfields and bases fold up parallel to the upright.

A possible improvement would be to include tube storage and some sort of latches, so the whole thing would be self-contained when stowed, but I'm never gonna get around to that, so someone else will have to make a derivative. :)

Another improvement, and much less work, would be side-shields to reduce peek-around.

This is my very first Thing, so constructive criticism is most appreciated! Did I provide enough detail? What would make this into a truly exemplary Thing?