RETRO mini-bob

by Dakanzla Dec 9, 2016
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Hi could you make the British flag please

Hy, I can try but I guess I would have to simplify it because if I make it with all the colors, I guess it will be to tiny to print (especially the red lines that go in the diagonal way...

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Hi, can you have the Italian flag?
Thank you

Made it available :-)

Wow! Looks like really retro, only the Bob Drivers..... in the last 70's till end 80's you get these Bob's in the Toy Stores.... plastik, inside heavy metal, and 4 rubber Bob Drivers.... as childs we build/formed with water bottels bobtracks, then iced with water.... was much fun.... with this Thingi you get my past childtime in my life back!

Thats cool :) I also had one of these when I was a kid and i thought it would be time for a revival :)

I had a green and red one..... was a ‚Schmidt Spiele‘ Racing Bob.....

I had one from switzerland :)

There are no real instructions to build this, could you make a simple diagram. ps very cool model

Just follow the pictures that I uploaded :)

nevermind I found the diagram

could you do a transtar(prey 2017) flag or a tf2 logo flag?

Could you post a link to those that I can see a picture of how it should look like?

manque la france.... snifff

No snow in th UK yet, But, these really need an FPV version!
A small 300mah lipo and an aio camera would work really well!

I agree this would be a verry cool thing :-) As i proposed here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1945717 for example a gopro-mount would be an easy option. Maybe someone finds the time to create a gopro-mount-pilot :-)

pilot no head (mini-bob)

Hi Dakanzla,

Your sledge model looks really wonderful. They are really cute!

I just saw this weekly challenge and I think that you should definitely apply for it. You can win great prizes aswell. You can find more info here:


Good luck!

Thx for the hint :) gonna check it out :)

May be you can throw in some cold water thru the circuit to "smooth out" the "snow" :)

There was a recommendation up there somewhere to use a bottle to smooth the run. But I bet you could use a spray mister after. It might leave tiny ice beads like on a curling surface.

Mario and Luigi bobs and pilots would be awesome

Unfortunately I don't have the time to make new designs for the bob and the pilots. Thats why I designed this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1945717. Making flags is ok, because it's not that time consuming. Made the two flags you asked for: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2043918, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2043929. Hope thats ok for you :-)

pilot no head (mini-bob)
Palestina (mini-bob)
Jedi (mini-bob)

thank you so much

Could you make a Jedi flag

Ok, how should the flag look like? Do you have a specific design in mind?

yes. I can't figure out how to copy an image. So could you look up rebel alliance symbol or jedi symbol on google. You could also just do yoda's head if that's easier. Thanks So Much. :)

sorry for the trouble but could you possibly make a Palestinian flag and/or university of Georgia flag

how would you make custom pilot heads?
I am going to ski and plan to make these

Made you some jedi-models with yoda, r2d2 and c3po: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2043929/#files

Jedi (mini-bob)

I would take a model from thingiverse like yoda and combine it in tinkercad with my headless pilot version.

This is incredibly cool. Nice job.

so fun ... but never snow in my country

Question, how long did this print take to make? how much weight is supposed to be in it? Is there anyway to downscale this so I could make a smaller version? Thanks!

on a sunhokey prusia i3..... 5 hours for the top. 4.5 hours for the bottom. 1 hour for the windshield. 15 minutes for the seal. 45 minutes for the dudes and their visors.

Used 20% infill for all parts.

The printtime depends on different factors like the infill you use and the layer-hight. With my ultimaker, 4mm layer-hight and 50% infill it took about 24 hours for all parts. Depending on what slicer-software you're using, the Information about the duration of the print should be available. Also the down-scaling should be possible with you're slicer software. if not you can use tinkercad for example to do the downscaling. I used Cura as slicer-software which supports both (estimated printtime and downscaling). I used about 300 grams of lead. When you downscale the model, you have to find smaller screws that will fit or find an other solution to Combine the parts (for example glue) but it should be possible. Just havent tried it yet.

I have access to the same printer! Good to know all this! I'll post a picture of a down scaled version of it if I do end up making it, thank you for the reply!

Hey cool, Im curious for the result :)

Dakanzia! You did a great job on this model and I had a lot of fun building, painting and playing with my sled before the snow melted away :) I'm looking forward to the next time it snows now... which is unusual. heh.

I made a video of my experience building and playing with this sled. I think you'll find it entertaining. Here is a link https://youtu.be/31XsKs21dOs

Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Rhyme! Get on up, it's bobsled time!

The video you made is great! Thanks a lot for proofing that the model works well :-) Ist so cool to see that.
I mean there exist some rituals for making it rain...probably there is an alternative to let it snow? heh

I believe the procedure for snow is to do the rain dance with an ice cube jammed in one ear while playing air guitar with a snow shovel. I'm certainly willing to give it a try!

These are awesome. Too bad we don't get much snow where I am.

The bottom isnt flat, the front is a bit lower than the rest. I ended up sinking the model a bit down on my print bed to flatten it

I just verrified that. The bottom part is flat (at least in cura). You just have to print it like it comes in the file (upside down).

Nice work, but the mesh need to be smoother

I like this style, it looks kind of retro...:-)

Great work, this looks like so much fun!

"Sanka, you dead?"... "Yeah man!"

came here to say that

Great idea, the video is amazing!

This reminds me so much to a Mario Party minigame... I LIKE IT!

Lets make a mario bob then :)

We need some 3D printable tools to make it easier to build the track ;-).

Up to now I did not achieve to create 3d-printable dynamite ;) Gona think about it, thx for the idea :)

Maybe design a multi-piece, printable run (like a marble run or pool slide) for those who have now snow ..... :-)

This is so cool, man! Awesome work, such a clever idea!

Thx :) unfortunatelly theres no snow here up to now to try it out

Thanks for this super winter fun design.

Cant wait to see some makes and Im curious to see how good it works