Bicycle 2.0

by brian_strickler Dec 3, 2016
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Is there a trick to get wheel and tire together?

Due to the constraints of not having time to buy a flexible material--I manipulated the tire and wheel prints, so they are together on the plate. Then, I printed them as one print. That seemed to do the trick. The only thing is that you have to commit to them being entirely one color (we chose all black).

Very nice bicycle model!

I have a problem printing the Frame.stl no matter what position or orientation I print it, there are always parts sticking out with no support underneath so the print would squirt, like when a layer overhangs and there is nothing underneath it, how do you go about printing that? I am using Creator Pro X with Replicator

I oriented the bike so the back of the frame's bottom was nearly touching the build plate. Then generated support material. Printed at a lower temperature and slow so each layer had time to cool. See newly uploaded picture.

This may sound like a silly question but when you say you built a support material, is there a software to generate support where needed? how do you know where the support is needed because your files do not include the support in the model. If you lay the frame.stl on the side then you would still have the upper part sticking out with no support underneath where it connects to the Seat.stl

I use a slicer software called Cura with my RigidBot printer. It analyzes the model for overhangs and you can control at what angle for it to generate support material. I would check and see if there is any setting Replicator to generate support material. I assume it would but I have never used it.

Hi man, sorry if I haven't ninjafelx can I print it in PLA? I'm not shure if it gonna fit in the wheel

Unfortunately there is a lip so the tire stays aligned on the wheel and doesn't slip off. You could attempt to print the tire in PLA and then place it in HOT water, then try forcing it onto the wheel, just an idea. Hope this somewhat helps.

Sorry, it is impossible. I tried it. Better is split wheel on two parts and glue it.