Bolt Pistol

by Erdrick Dec 3, 2016
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I'm kinda confused. Does this shoot actual bolts, and what size is needed? also, what is the spring or whatever that launches it?

it is a prop of a game called warhammer

I have had a look at the Etsy stores you mention who are selling your design. Although these are similar they are not the same model. Of course they could have taken it down already.

Yeah it looks like all of my designs have been taken down finally, all of the links are 404ed. The bolters left on the site are someone else's work.

Just FYI, the curved stripes on the clip don't seem to be merged in solid so most slicers have a bit of a sad and make the walls too thin :)

Yeah. I got the same thing in Simplify3d.

A little confused. Do you needs the stl created as a single solid?

First...Thank you so much for this awesome file! It's an amazing replica. Keep up the great work and I'll keep printing it! Second, here is what I'm talking about:
The top part doesn't slice correctly and it leaves the curves sorta floating.