6" Rack Enclosure, Customizable

by KronBjorn Dec 4, 2016
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Are you really not needing supports for the handles? It's within a bridge constraint I guess, just seems like a little far.

I went ahead and bridging worked well for the handles so no supports needed.

Thanks for this awesome concept and for the modules!

I have a rather flimsy mobile drawer cabinet - Ikea Helmer? Got it second hand, so I can't tell for sure, but it looks like one. - under my desk, that I wanted to reinforce. And since I also wanted to declutter said desk, I'm going to combine these two plans and implement the 6" rack system right into the cabinet.

For now, the „plan“ is to design cases / mounts for …

  • … a 2009 Mac Mini (vertical, since it's too wide for a 6" rack),
  • … the Orange Pi One,
  • … a USB hub / card reader,
  • … probably a network switch,
  • … an ATX power supply to be used as a „lab bench“ power supply (later),
  • … a whole lot of other gizmos I have not yet thought about. :)

Two 600mm 2020 profiles are already on their way!

Comments deleted.

Is there an STL similar to the nut-less trap but for the printed profiles?

For others having issues with the nut-less trap always being 8U, I've added a fixed customizer here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3107871

Fixed 6" Rack
by repvik

I know what all of my micro sized bench equipment cases are going to be designed for as soon as this gets printed. That's an excellent design!

This stuff is fucking awesome!

When i open up the scad file, I can only get the K part, where can i find and adjust the holes for the screws on part a?

Tried changing this code:

translate([unit/2+iunit,10,-5]){ cylinder(d=3.8,h=30);}
unit,25,10]){ rotate([90,0,0]){cylinder(d=3.8,h=30);}}

But when making a stl file afterwards, it only gave me the top handles.

Out of curiosity, why 6in and 5.25, since there's a ton of gear that uses the 5.25 standard?

The customizer appears to modify the printable extrusion profiles but the nut-less trap remains 8U. I'm trying to print for a 200mm aluminum profile, anything I can do to help fix this?

EDIT: I found the problem. Examining the source for the Customizer, the "h" part passes "8" to trap() as a static assignment. The GitHub source passes the "Units" variable. I generated the file in OpenSCAD as a workaround.

thanks for this great design. I printed the pi 3 case and it turned out great. I'm looking for recommendations on how I can print this enclosure on a FlashForge Finder. I'm limited to 140x140x140 so the ends are just over my limit for size. Should I split the print into pieces? Any recommendations are appreciated.

Looks freaking fantastic!

Unless I'm totally missing something, what size screws are ya using there? lol


Probably didn't mention it, sorry.
If you look at the last picture of this item: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2084736
I live in a metric world, and most user here does not :)
I have seen people use all sorts of screws, and if you know OpenScad you can adjust a bit yourself.

6" Rack, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

I mean, I bought a 3D printer, even though I'm not in a metric world, my hardware requires me to be ;)

I actually bought an M3 Screw kit when I bought my printer lol.

Thanks btw :)

i think this is my favorite thing ever it inspired this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2478543

Mini Rack Mounted ATX Power Supply (Minimal Plastic)

Customerizer isn't working right. I tried 3 times customizing the extrusion and both times it would give me like a random mix of parts in the final output and none I created contain the actual part I was trying to customize (alu extrusion).

Sorry about that, I updated the file and introduced a new error.
Give me a few minutes.

OK maybe it is working but it is doing ALL the parts. I went back and looked at the ones I created and now they have all the parts, when I looked at them after customizer queue said they were done the only contained some of the parts. Thing is flaky I guess. In any case it looks like I got the part I needed customized even though it included all parts.

Thanks for taking a look at it though.

No problem, just wanted to let you know.

Yeah either the customizer is broken, or the interface is changed.
When I wrote it, it only created the part you need. Now it creates the lot of them, including the extrusion.
Have you tried waiting a while, and go back to the part, it is a bit slow.

yea I tried 3 times over the course of about an hour and a half, I left it monitoring my queue so I would know when it was done and did not view it till it notified me that it was finished. All three version were inconsistent and had random files include and none of them were the part I was trying to customize. I can send you the link to the custom version I created if you want maybe you can see something in them.

does the infill really need to be 33%, seems a little dense for the design, I would think hollow for the alu extrusions would still be plenty strong.

I think you're right.
But you may need three outside layers then, to give the screws something to grip in to.

Yea I am using 3 top, 3 bottom and 3 perims. Thanks for replying, great design.

I am interested in what you are using this for? This looks awesome!

Any idea if the nut trap will fit in 1515 extrusions? If so will other things line up using 1515?

Answered my own question, they do not fit. Looks awesome anyway, great work. My 2020s are coming in in a few days so I will start printing now. Thanks!

It is not a major rewrite to make it fit 15x15, but unfortunately I do not have the time.
I used 20x20 because they are more common, even though 15x15 might have been proportionally better.
Let me know if you have any problems.

DUDE, this is AMAZING. Thank you

Hi. sorry but im new to this... my question is...So that this equipment could work?? please help me.


Well, it worked for me :)
I just got some new extrusion profiles, and I can see I need to modify the nutless trap slightly, so I'll make it customizable to fit any extrusion.

How many of the extrusions do you need to print?

You'll need four (or you can use a 20x20 alu extrusion)
How many units you need depends on what you plan to put in there.
-did that answer your question ?

Wouldn't you need 8 or 12 to make the full sized rack?

Ah, you must click on the "Open In Customizer" icon, in there you can specify the height i Units.
The RaspberryPi cabinet is 2U tall, so five of them would require a 10U tall rack. (4x10U extrusions).

Really cool. I like the militaristic-industrial design aesthetic. Maybe I haven't seen it all yet, but it seems that your style is rather unique in the 3D Printing space.

Thanks for the comment, glad you like it.

My first 3D printer is on its way, and this is going to be the first real thing I print once I get it all set up! I am super excited.

Glad to hear :)

Best of luck with your printer !

(when I first got into 3d printing, I printed this guy http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:341719 at 50% many times when experimenting with my slicer, and whenever I changed filament or adjusted the printer. This way you get to know a model and your printer really well)

Low-Poly Totodile

This is so awsome, I was literaly about to make the same thing when I happened upon your project. I m glad im not the only one who saw a need for this. Is there any way I can Help you ? I am very skilled at 3d modeling and design specific to 3d printing.

Hi, thanks for the interest,

It would always be great with help :)
Would be nice with a series of cabinets for popular devices, I only have so many, and so much time,...

I will clean up the code a bit, and make a repo. I'll post a link here when I'm done.

Just what i have been looking for, thank you.

Since finding metric screws in local hardware stores can be a challenge in the States, I ended up using:
8 x 3/4 wood screws (tapered head)for the top and bottom, with printed 2020 posts. These are not super tight, but hold together fine on my print. Since they extend past the first hole in the post, you can use one of the machine screws as a set screw for them.
4 x 1/2 wood screws (tapered head) for holding the cases together (I cut off a portion to fit the handles on the cases)
6-32 x 1/2 machine screws (round head) for securing the side panels and cases to the rack posts

I didn't change any of the hole sizes, but I did make the printed posts 8U in length.

Now a Beaglebone Black enclosure would be really nice right about now. :)

This is SO COOL! i need to make one!! + this for an Intel NUC would be a legendary server cluster :D

Just put ears on the top and bottom, turn it sideways, and ready to mount the rack in a 19" rack!

This is exactly what I was thinking... if the faceplates were scaled to 7" it would fit perfectly in 4U horizontal with I think 16-17 units across if I did my math correctly... I may have to do this! I've got 12 Raspberry Pi 3 B+ units sitting in my garage :-) (now if only I could find the darn POE hats in stock somewhere, I could mount this in 5U with my 3750X PoE switch and be golden...)

Excellent idea, I just might do that :)

I had thought of a horizontal version for shallow units for wall mount. But a 19" version would be great.

so what is this? A pc case??

Just a proposed standard for small electronic projects.
Makes it easy to reuse components between your projects.
Same as the 19" rack standard, just scaled down.

Is this best printed laying down or upright?

I printed it all laying down, with the front face down.
I think the profiles will be strongest that way also.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the comments, glad you like it :)

Great design. What size bolts are you using?

I use 4mm for holding the front plates, and 5mm in the ends of the extruded aluminium with a cone shape head.
(I didn't have them in the right length, so I cut them shorter with a hack saw)

You're a legend, thank you.

Definatly a great design. Finally a great enclosure for my projects. Would love to see more of it. Working on the fully printable version

These look great! I have a few raspberry pi 3 kicking around in my garage running RTL SDR, I think I'll make one of these to organize everything.

LOVE this! I think this will be the central "data center" for my current printer and my soon to be built printer.

Really dig it! This will be the control box for my MPCNC (It is a mess as of now).
Thank you!

Awesome! I love it!

!! Great Idea !!
Thank you for posting

This is the kind of thing that I like to use my 3D printer for. Your design has just inspired a Pandora's box of ideas for me. I will definitely be making this and filling it with all sorts of fun stuff. Thank you and bravo! I owe you a bear with antlers (BEER!)