From Failure Comes Knowledge Maker Coin

by VickyTGAW Dec 3, 2016
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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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This is brilliant! Everyone should print this and hang it near their printer as a reminder that knowledge is built on failure.


I want to get some custom build surfaces made (for personal use). By chance have any version of jpeg or png for this? I can trace the stl but figured I'd ask

Greetings! Unfortunately, I just have the 3D version. If you do trace the STL and don't mind sharing, I would love to have an image version myself!

I think they would make neat stickers as well. I am not sure what the licensing implications are though as the real 3D Benchy, I believe, is licensed Non-Commercial. Something for me to investigate! :)

I would soooo buy this as a T-shirt and wear it proudly. The Benchy is the Bain of my printing existence, I have over fifty in every material and color I have ever printed and multiple of some from printer tuning. My newest printer had it as it's first print.

i'd love to print this in english, to show it in class!
is there a chance, you may remix it?

OOoh I am open to that. How soon would you need it? I don't think I'll be able to get a chance to work on this until Friday evening or Sunday morning. Pesky day jobs! :)

oh wow!
didn't expect it so soon :-)
take your time, there is no rush. within the next two weeks is sufficient.
thanks a lot!

hey there.
just wanted to remind you about the coin as a english version.
do you think, you still could do it (fast, perhaps)?

i did some progress with my class and soon it'll be a good timing!

Heya! Give "maker-coin-english.stl" (I just uploaded it to the Thing files) a whirl. I just finished up the modeling, so I haven't done a test print myself, but I checked the slicing preview and compared it with the original and I think you are all set.

I hope this is a hit with your students!

every learning process includes failure and only by confronting those you can overcome your own limits.
i'm so thankful right now!

Just made one with white background and blue text/benchy. I'll have to post a picture soon!

Sounds like a lovely color combination! I'll look forward to the picture!

Awesome job TGAW. I'll have one glued on my M2 as soon as I figure out my print issues!

We totally loved your maker coin Vicky! Thanks for making it and sharing the STL file :)

Love it. This made my day.

This is great. Gonna make one to look at when i want to throw it all out the window.