Fidget Tri Spinner

by 3DanielDesigns Dec 3, 2016
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Here's the fidget spinner cap that closely resembles the original. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2300518

Dished fidget spinner cap - LARGE

What's the difference between the two files?

hey some dude is selling these spinners at http://www.ehrenfidgets.com/ he isn't giving you credit and he is even implying that he designed them

How much does it weigh straight out of the printer?

how do you get it so shiny and smooth like in the 2nd picture? Is it some special filament or did you just paint it?

It isn't an actual printed spinner but a render I made on my laptop!

could you post the solid works file i would like to modify the center

Comment number 100!

Great print. Worked perfectly on first attempt. A lot of the other spinners I've tried required me to fuss with the scale by .01 or .02 to make them work. This one worked great first try. I found caps on another page.

I printed mine in PLA. I would also like to know what filament was used to create the black one. That's really cool looking!

A link to the material is in the description. Can you link the caps?

What filament was used in the black spinner?

They have it on amazon. Stuff is really cool if you don't mind it being a little more expensive. Where most Filament is $20 to $30 for 1.2kg this is $42 for .75kg.

I have this same filament and it is from Filamentium in the UK

Yeah, that's pretty cool looking. Does it have glitter?

please tell us what caps you used.

Do you have the part for the bearing posts you have in the outer 3 bearings?

Looking for these also

What thumb pads do you use?

Are the bearing hole 22mm or something like 22.1? I found that bearings fit very well when I scaled this to 101.5% and I want to know what size they were designed at.

They are 22mm. I have 3 printers and on one i can print it at 100%, on the other one 100.5% and the other at 99.5%. You have to do some test to know for sure what is best for you!

Ok cool. So I will scale up my designs just as much as this.

If you could add the cap stl that would be awesome

Can you please add the thumb pads to the download?

Do you have the STL for the caps in between the outter bearings?

Here are some good finger caps to use http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2237000

Fidget Spinner cap

Ah, I meant the outer bearings, the flushness is pretty neat!

can you add the stl for the finger pads you used

For anyone struggling with bed adhesion, the best method I have found is heated bed and hairspray!! Bring bed to temp (65c for PLA) then a good coat of "firm hold" hairspray.... It's never failed me yet!!! Printed a treat on prusa mended i2 with PLA at 188c

Does this work for the dremmel 3D printer that only works with .g3drem files?

What size Ball Bearings should i use?

22 mm in diameter and 7 mm thick, standard skateboard bearings or "608ZZ".

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It seems many other Creators have ended up at the same design

etsy and ebay has them for sale

Iprinted one for my friends son, As a gift, but it made me wonder since he thought i bought it online, turns out people even molded "their designs" to make them copper or metal

took me 3 tries to get the right print, had to use a raft, since the skirt or brim would not hold to the build plate :/

Thanks for the message.
Every week i come across people trying to sell it.
I send them an email saying they can't sell it and most of the times they remove it imediately.
I sell them myself on Etsy and the other people selling the exact design have my permission to do so (says in their describtion).
Other people copied the design and made some changes, totally fine with that (if its not to similair of course) because almost every spinner is the same.

What kind of printer do you have? And does it have an heated bed?
I personally have 0 issue with build adhesion while printing it.

its a monoprice mini

i've noticed everything prints better on this with rafts, granted i have yet to get better at tweaking

but mostly everything is ok with rafts from cura

Huh... I spent countless hours calibrating, understanding gcode, tweaking Cura, reading, testing, reading some more, giving up on 3D printing for weeks at a time, then coming back to try and have either the print lifted half way and mangled or the print finished but with a horrible first layer. I also have a Monoprice mini and the only way I can print is with raft. Prints come out decent, but only with the raft. Also, the raft adheres great onto regular blue masking tape. Which makes me ask, how come the "first layer" for the raft works just fine, but the first layer of the object printed does not. Is it the printer, Cura or me? The raft works, but it wastes time and material.

The raft could be the problem. You shouldn't need one for this. You're printing a large base then trying to print something intricate on top of it. You need to get a good "first layer" adhesion going on this and you should be fine. If it is pulling up there is something wrong with your first layer. A heated bed if you have one, if not use a glue stick. Get that sucker down good and after about 3 layers you should see everything staying on and working fine. Heated bed/Glue works best in my testing. It's a bit messy and a pita to clean off but it works so I do it. Just note, you do not have to put glue down every time. Just once in a while when the "stickiness" goes away. When the layers of glue build up to a noticeable height you'll need to use alcohol and get it off with a scraper. You can watch YouTube videos for this removal.

I am new at 3D printing as well but I found that if you use heated bed, it is best to apply a sheet of regular glass of 3mm, you can then apply Kapton tape and with a dish washer sponge (rugged side) and some CIF cream you can rub it to take off the shine of the tape, this gives very good adhesion. You can also apply the Kapton directly on the aluminum plate but it will take you longer to take off the prints. If it's on glass, you remove the clips, throw it under cold water (or freezer) and in 5 mins you are back printing. This is the cleanest method I found so far and works every time, with PLA at 65 degrees C and ABS at 105 degrees.

Thanks. I'll go source glass, everyone says so. Is it easy to reset the Z axis "zero" point after adding extra thickness? Also, the stock aluminum bed is a bit warped (concave), so I can never get a good calibration.

Cheapest solution is to look on Aliexpress for replacement bed and a glass. More expensive is to buy BLTouch and adapt it to your machine. Good luck!

The reason your prints lift without a raft is the upper layers Pull the first layer up
when there is a raft, the first layer has a better bond to the bed & will not lift as easy...
You can also try using a Glass sheet on top of your bed, just google it, and then use a painted on solution of 1 part cheap wood glue & 5 parts water.
This should be cleaned 7 re-applied once in a while, like every few prints or when ever you notice it having open spaces...
I had the same problem until I switched to Glass, Good luck!!!

Thanks. Glass seems to be the universal answer. It's just frustrating that I got a few great prints (spinners) for a few days in a row, then one time I had to leave the printer for an hour or so and I came back to a big blob of melted plastic being dragged around. I never got a good print ever since.

Have you tried leveling the bed? Sounds like the bed is out of level which happens after so many prints.

yo i have a guy who is trying to sell these should he give u profit or not sell them at all

He shouldnt be selling them without my permission. And yes, if he wants to sell it, he need to give me a fair share.

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yo that my friend below u i have competition i can shut him down or i can make him give you the profit

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no you cannot sell them and if u do i will sew u

lol i think you can since you dont know the diffrence between sew and sue

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What is the best bearing for this spinner??

If you made it to the right dimensions, i recommend bone reds, best ones i have. I use them mostly for skateboarding but had to get an extra set. They spin the longesr and are the quietist

My daughter and I printed five different designs of fidgets and this one is easily the best. Nice weight and long spin. The bearings fit tightly unlike some of the other fidget designs. Well done!

Is the first image a product of your design or did you find it and designed it for 3D printing? I want to know if I could acquire it online, my 3D printer doesn't print as fluently as I'd like it too nor do I have a metallic gold colored 3D ink for it.

The first picture is a render I made. I designed and made the spinner using solidworks but I don't share the files. What kind of problems do you have with printing?

The render is really good, you could make it big if you sell them made with fine copper with a metallic gold paint finish. Just to let you know, let me know if you ever actually make an official metallic gold tri-spinner like the one in your render, I'll be proud to be your first customer.

I try to find way's to print my object's I choose to go smoothly but they always end up rigid at some points, that's all.

What is the mass of this? I will have to pay to print this in grams. So I would like to know. Thank you.

That would depend on many factors, ie. infill settings,wall thickness, base and top layers aswell as the filament you are using. for your sake lets say 10grams

but on what axis do i put it in the x, y, or z

thank you so much!!!!!!!

could you also give me the Outer Diameter, Inner Diameter, and Thickness of the bearings

i love this print but sadly i dont know the ball bearing size and how to assemble could you plz help me

normal skateboard bearings, 608zz, 22mm in diameter and 7 mm in height. Just push the bearings inside the holes with a little bit of force :) Id suggest to scale it to 100.5 before you print it!

Would you allow me to sell these in my local area? (classmates, family, friends, etc.)

I would like to know too.

ive made many of these, because i like them a lot, but every time there's always a crack in the same area, roughly on the opposite side of the circle from the point of the spike, please try to make this possibly thicker to prevent this

You get the crack while you put the bearings inside it? Try scaling the model to 100.5 or 101!

can i get the link to the bearings for the current size now

Any 608zz bearing will do!

Cool design and im defiantly going to print this, also nice rendering skills

I printed this for school MySelf and it works great thanks for the design. I am looking to make two more so if you have any more designs or suggestions please tell me.

Hey Guys, if you want to see my vision of this spinner, check it out!!!
It is much more strong and much better in general than this one and will hold up for much longer.


Hope you enjoy :DD

Tri spinner
Comments deleted.

It works great, my son loves it. We scaled to 101% and printed with 50% infill. He used a small hammer to tap the bearings in; perfect fit. Very nice, thanks for sharing :)

Great to hear that! Hope he has alot of fun with it :)

Same here. Would like to print and sell. Let me know please.

Hey, I'm thinking about selling this design. What are your requirements? Am I allowed to sell it?

Hello, I'm unable to fit 608 bearings into the spinner. Please help me, I love the design :)

I had this problem myself a couple of times! Use a hammer to carefully hit it in or scale the stl file to 100.5 or 101% so it fits better!

You should probably make a horizontal layout version.

Hello, I don't have that big of hands. They are about 15.3 cm from palm to tip of middle finger. Will this be easy to use?

you may have some difficulties using it with one hand, two hands will be no problem!

Ok. Thank you so much! look forward to using it and spreading the word about it!


Noobie here, so forgive me. ;-)

How do you give it that metallic sheen? I have gold ABS I'm planning on using, but didn't know if you added a gloss or maybe acetone vapors?


the first picture is actually a render ;) the second picture is the actual print!

LOL! See, I'm Noobie. ;-) I'm excited to print this! I'll definitely leave a photo when complete. :-) Thanks!!

Hope you enjoy it! Looking forward to see the result!!

is it art or there is some kind of utility? I am sorry if my question sounds noob to you...

No absolutely not! I had the same thing when I first saw one. Its a fidget spinner, a variation of the fidget Cube. Just a fun toy to keep your hands busy! It can have positive effects on things like when you try to quit smoking or when someone has ADHD. Just print one and try it out yourself ;)

Ok cool! Thanks for the quick reply. I gues I still need to buy some bearings?

Correct! Any 608 (skateboard) bearing will do, best results with a ceramic in the middle :)

This Desing is free? I can use for comercial/professional services?

The design is only free for personal use. It contains the cc non commercial license so no you can Not use it for commercial/professional use!

Can i buy you the design?

Hey, I really like this design. I think you made it really easy to spin but also has a lot of style.
I was wondering what software did you use to make it.

I used solidworks :)

Can you include the sldprt as well because I use solidworks and it is hard for me to import and print stl, how t you so it (every time I import the file it is 100x bigger than it should be)

I made it. Found it to be bulky and difficult to operate with one hand. The design is perfect for being slightly uncomfortable when it hits part of your had. Without matching caps, it just didn't work correctly. The sharp pointy things are a great for a challenge to touch correctly to accelerate the device while avoiding the slight discomfort. However it looks RAD.

So I buy bearings, put them in and that is it?

How light was the spinner at 50 infill? I want something a little bit more on the heavy side but I do not have enough material for a duplicate spinner.

I actually Have No idea how heavy it is. I just chose the 50 infill to make it Strong!

Hi, and thank you for your model it is really great !! I just have a small question, what is the diameter of the bearings?

Thank you! The diameter is 22 mm, the size of a standard skateboardbearing!

Hello, what software did you use for the rendering ?

Hi, I used Keyshot 5 :)

I didn't know it, I love the result, I'll try with sketchup. What 3D software did you use to create your model ?

Thanks, very nice thing btw ;)

Thank you! Hope you enjoy it! :)

Hello I want this design to be the first thing which I will getting 3d printed.. I will be using 3dhub. Com to get it done.. I am not techy and new to 3d printing.. Would you please be able to guide me through steps I would need take to get this design conceptualised through 3dhub . Thank you in advance