Arduino Mega and RAMPS case

by RGN01 Dec 3, 2016
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should the fan blow in the case or suck out ?

I don't think it makes much difference but I usually place them so they blow in - I think this may help disrupt any areas of static air near the board and thus aid cooling but that is based on a hunch, rather than any specific knowledge!


Hi Len and no problems - there are no stupid questions, just stupid answers! :-)

I print these parts lying down. It's why I designed this enclosure like that. The parts are oriented as they are due to the drawing programme I use - I can virtually assemble the case and just left the vertical parts in their original orientation.

The same applies to the top - it should be inverted before printing.

Not sure what you mean by 'extra mounting holes'? I only use metric bolts so the hardware is M3 and perhaps M2.5 (it is about 2 years since I worked on this so I'm not sure!)

Hope that helps.


I was referring to the 10 holes and standoffs running along the inside top of the two sides. They almost but don't quite fit some LM2596 buck converter modules I have. Maybe they have changed their design! Nothing that a needle file won't fix. I have also recreated the front to better suit my Mega 2560 R3 & RAMPS 1.6plus.
Thanks again for a great design, I have learned so much just redoing the front plate!
PS this is the front plate facing the power blocks.


Ah, the rectangular things (4 on each side)? These were for cable ties to tie wires out of the way and optimise airflow etc.

If you've made a derivative or remixed this please upload your files and link from here as a remix. Others may find your parts just what they need. :-)


Newby, so please forgive my ignorance. Just making this and noticed that the side and end panels are shown vertically. I printed mine flat OK but wondered if they were meant to be printed as shown? Also what are the extra mounting holes sized for? Pleased with the design btw!

Taller front and taller back names are changed with each other. Just a note.

Thanks, Sastas. I won't change the files now as it may cause more confusion but hope that all interested will see this note.

building one now on v1.6
just noticed how far the usb port is from the side of the case.... its like 2 cm from the case? is that right?

just a thought here but, what ive the case was designed to fit an 80mm on or IN the end opposite the power/usb connections, the lid or sides had the wiring holes and the unit might end up a bit lower profile. the Power/usb end could be almost open to allow for great, quiet airflow....
it would be a bit longer but i think in many applications this would be no problem...

The USB port location is perfect on the two printers I've built so should be fine, I'd imagine.

Yes, I guess you could put the fan at one end and blow the air from end to end. I had / have no need for that currently so do not intend to redesign this for that option. I used DesignSpark to design it - it is free and the learning curve is not that bad so why not design what you need? ;-)

oh I was just doing some open thinking :)

USB is nice, because those big bulky blue usb cable connectors (at least mines) 3-3.5cm long, ao the 2 cm deep joint gives me unwanted cable pull protection.

Up and running at my Zonestar P802M. Great Design!!

Yeah, I know that feeling! See the v1.6 left and right hand components. Both have beefed up cable tabs. Hope this helps. :-)

I've not printed or tested these v1.6 parts, please let me know if you print them and if there are any problems with them.

Love the design, though I'd like those inner cable routing tab things to be a little chunkier, and less easy to break for those not exercising due care :)