by GeoffB Dec 3, 2016
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I wanted an off-balance spinner in the hopes that it might be more fidget and less toy.

I set the number of spokes to 1 and got exactly what I wanted. Hooray.

I made one in customizer that was 1 US cent and when I tried to put the pennies in they wouldn't fit.

See my comments below. Because the design (as are most fiddle toys) is 'press fit', the STL has no allowance for individual printer variations. You may need to scale the print by a small percentage prior to slicing depending on your personal printer settings.

Seems like the height dimension is just slightly off for US nickels. 2 or 3 coins would look silly as there would be way too much room. 4 US nickles fit, but are recessed by 0.6mm (which is fine), but it leaves the bearing recessed in the hole by exactly 1mm.

The bearing hole might be a smidge small too. It actually split between the bearing and one of the nickel arms slightly between the innermost perimeter and the infill. And that's with 100% fill and 40% overlap.

Absolutely love the design though and the weight is great.

Thank you for the feedback. You found a bug! I never intended to have any coin stack any higher than the height of the bearing. In this case, after several requests, I replaced the original CR2032 battery option with the US Nickel but failed to change the number in the stack from 4 to 3. The coin height was correct (at 1.95mm) but there were too many :/

With respect to the size or tightness of any of the holes, I think you might like to look at your slicer or printer settings. As I'm sure you know, the bottom 10 or so layers can be affected by individual preferences used to ensure correct Layer 1 adhesion, cooling and other factors. This leads to the possibility that lower layers are squashed at different rates and hence 'intrude' into voids in the design. As a significant proportion of these prints are all in the zone (that is, not very tall in a Z axis sense) they are particularly susceptible to this problem.

As the type of printer used and the settings thereof are variables I can't control, I chose to use the exact coin and bearing dimensions in my source file without any 'fiddle factors' to assist with fit. This allows/requires individuals to adjust the size of the resulting code sent to their printer based on their personal circumstances. In my own case, printing in PLA with a Printrbot Simple, I scale the STL by 100.5% before slicing using Simplify3D. That provides a perfect fit for all the coins and bearings I have tried, including US ones.

I hope this helps. Let me know how you go.

The 100.5% scaling worked well on my Lulzbot Mini using HIPS filament.

anyway you could add us $1 dollar coin?

I didn't think there were many US $1 coins in circulation. Anyway, at 26.5mm (over an inch) it would probably make a spinner too big to fit in your hand and spin.

An option for the US 1c would be cool because I have so many lying around with nothing to do with them. They are slightly larger and heavier than the US 10c and much more common.

Done. Choose the 1c option in the Customizer

Would you consider making one that can fit the UK 2p coin? They are everywhere and it would be nice to give them some use

I see that you have already hacked one up. I would have thought that the 2p diameter (25.9mm) would have made the spinner diameter too great when spinning!? My original thoughts were to limit coins to about 22mm for that reason (hence the £1 and 5p).

Did it work? If so, I'm happy to mod the customizer version. It will be the biggest coin diameter.

What about the 1 Penny coin? It is smaller and I would have thought more common?

Please make one that is smooth, all my friends that I am making these for say it hurts their hands

I was tempted to ask you to tell them to harden up, but I have incorporated this request. There is a triple spinner 5c STL in there, or you can use the Customizer.

or just what line of code is it

or just what line of code is it

I only need it for the triple spinner for us 5 cent

This is far out, man! I thought I was comfortable with OpenSCAD, until I saw the source code for this thing. Keep up the great work!

Thanks. I have no special skills or knowledge, I just plod along until the code does what I need :)

Thanks again for posting this! I made a remix with some cutouts.

That is excellent! I'll have to print some out.

Thanks man! I posted in the OpenSCAD group about a tool to inline the Knurl library and other 'use' statements.

Lemme know if you have any feed back on that tool, please.

Sorry if I missed this, but what kind of bearing is supposed to fit in the center?

They are Inline skate bearings or '608' bearings. 22mm outer diameter, 8mm inner and 7mm thick. You should be able to get them in a good sports store. There are heaps (of varying quality) available online. Google '608 bearing'.

How about 6x stacks of 3 or 4 US 5 cents? Each weighs 5.00 g, 21.21 mm diameter, 1.95 mm thick, and they're very common over here. Less expensive than US 10 cents and more massive for good angular momentum.

Done. Tell me how it goes. :)

Can you do a Qatari 50 dirham one? Would love it!, Thanks

After some research, I have come up with 25.0mm for the diameter and 1.78mm for the thickness. Therefore the Qatari 50 dirham qualifies for a '3 stack' per holder. I have incorporated it in the Customizer as the second to last option. Please advise me if you can print it successfully and the coins fit.

Great design! Is there anyway you can create a 3 spoked US 10c spinner?