Tri_Max_Gripper ( Conforming Robotic gripper )

by Chiprobot Dec 1, 2013
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Hello, I am a french student and with friends we are making a robot. I will make the gripper, with this structure. So, could you give me more information about the motor, what kind of motor can I use ? I have not an expensive budget.
Thanks, I would like to express my gratitude for you help in the matter, Laurie.

This is one of the cleverest thing I've seen, Nice design. ;)

What kind of material can I print in the 3d printer for the gripper?

As he mentioned in his video, it should be PLA


Put it on a 'bot with a good color sensor and viola .... automatic tomato picker .....

This is awesome! Well done.

Hey Chiprobot, can you tell me the volume of the parts required for this print? I am having trouble measuring the STL files properly... Your help would be appreciated.

heythere ..... I am not sure what you mean by volume, please elaborate...

He means how much filament, by volume. If you know the weight, he can compute volume.

Very nicely done! cheers

Hey Gaz, My 12V reg went on my UM while printing the arms out :( ill have to wait until jan before i get a replacement. I Was wondering if you had any Cad files for those STL's? Would like to attempt a remix over xmas if its cool with you.

  • got a Linear pot from maplin (the one you linked) looks like It'll do the job well, just the right size! - roll on jan to finish this puppy up.
    regards, Matt

....What i would suggest is "importing" the latest STLs into blender ...then you can export to your Cad package as i am not sure which one your using (blender has a good array of formats for exchange)...
Its no use me posting my blender files as they are a bit fragmented after updating the (red/yellow) bits recently (as i only corrected one pair in the blender rehash..... luckily they are symmetrical so there was no need to update the neighbouring arms, that is me just being lazy (errr no... lack of time) as i am already working on replacing the Pritt-Stick with a printed actuator Located here :- http://letsmakerobots.com/node/39560)http://letsmakerobots.com/node....

That's cool dude! What are you planning to use as a screw, just some threaded rod or you going for full printed?
I think i'm just being lazy more than anything there, i work in solidworks, i can download a converter to get dxf files and work off those. - had it in my head that everyone uses solidworks i guess ^^

Indeed the prototype works well ... using a 9 gramme servo.... its already exerting a 3Kg push (probably more as my kitchen scales delve into the overload "ERR" mode).
I am using 8M galvanised bolts .... works well ...and today i had a UK delivery of Nylon 8M 80mm so should lighten the load....
I am pursuing a 40mm worm-gear which prints fine (YaY) and includes a mini gear to drive a small multi-turn preset feedback potentiometer for the servo or geared motor (its mechanics are still eluding me at momo)
I have good hopes for the Worm gearing and it will make it full printable version.

The red support arms are not printing - they seem to appear as having emptiness at the tapered ramp above the bottom flat rectangular section. I'm trying them on my Replicator 2. Any ideas? Everything else is printed AOK and is ready to assemble for our school ROV robot.

I used Cura to splice and create the Gcode.... it does a good job at patching up unintentional errors ;-)

I checked the red support again in Blender .....and indeed it contained some in-facing normals and duplicated edges which have been corrected and refreshed in the download section....
Thanks for picking this us....regards Gareth

Sweet! The update prints perfectly on the Replicator 2 - just did one in front of my 8th grade science class. They were wow'd by whole process - Thanks!

Hey mate, Thanks for fixing the .stl's i awoke this morning to begin chopping your broken ones apart and got a present update! iv printed half - using wire and paperclips to hold everything in place, working a treat. ill get a linear pot on Monday. was wondering if the servo works just like it used too before switching the pots (bar the extra rotation)?
I can't find a old lip balm cover like yours so ill do some measuring 2moz and make one.

I hold my breath till your "Clone" hatches......
By the way.... I used a 10Kohm "Linear-Resistance" potentiometer and not a "Logarithmic-Resistance" volume control type potentiometer.... otherwise it will give odd non linear results.
Best regards Gareth

aha, the conversion vid is done by your self, that clarify what i was wondering. :)

...indeed... that was over a year ago.... (I wish I had known then it was for this "now" future project)

I scaled it up 1500% or 15X and made the missing files. I will make the tubes to fit. A coupe files need to be run through net fab also.

STL files now updated ...and the insert for the lip-gloss tube added.

Thanks..... I have an air actuated thingy going but I really need practice with my electronics so I'll probably do both. Again very nice job. I really like it!

Think ill be doing the same thing, found a old pritstick laying around, when looking closer at the pic i noticed there is another bit missing.
That is the yellow/gold tube that the carrier fits on to. this bit is meant to attach to the "bolt" inside the pritstick that carriers the glue up and down.

The yellow tube is in fact a lip-gloss tube, it fits perfectly into the standard Prittstick however you have to glue the plunger insert spigot piece inside to secure it.

i also noticed the arms for the main body are missing, if you could address the scale issue and this missing piece it would be great!

="thingiverse-d4b22f58a519c8c03a5982b7e8cb54d2:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-d4b22f58a519c8c03a5982b7e8cb54d2/Middelbh printing mine too on my ultimaker.

kind regards, Matt

On the Ultimaker it prints without support material , just be careful whilst printing the support beams (ie slow down the print at the end when its printing the eyelets)

It appears as though the "arms" 1,2,3 are the same yet called support beams and the support beams are missing from the files.

STL files updated ....scaled .... rotated....and polished....

Same question, I want to print on Ultimaker, but have to resize.
Next to that; I miss the STL file for the support beams (the red ones on the picture above..)

Updated STL files..

Any idea how much this needs to be scaled up by?
If i cant find a pritstick laying around i might go ahead and design a printable one.

Good work dude!
Regards, Matt

Thanks for the encouragement it was a fun project to undertake...
STL files are now updated.
The problem with clone_ing a prittstick is it has a long screw along the inside - if you can duplicate this then i would love to see it in action.
The Prittstick version is capable to pushing 3kg .... so its a pretty good mech....

Forgot about this.
A while ago i probably wouldn't have bothered trying. But after printing this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:23030http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
i was amazed by the small long screws and how well they worked. I'd deffo's start here.
Regards, Matt

Tiny Planetary Gears Set
by aubenc

Oh now that's awesome ! Nice project.

Thanks for the kind words.
I did not think it would take off so well (so i causally went away on a weeks course and this is when everything went crazy...i was unable to correct the stl errors)

I'm very excited about trying to print out your design, but it is very small in Makerware. Can you post new .stl files or the original blender files? Thanks for any help, GREAT work!

Posted and scaled ...etcetcetc YAY....

great, seems to work much nicer than mine (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:97640)http://www.thingiverse.com/thi..., because you apply the force on the outside of the arm... really nice design :)

bionic claw

Thanks ..... Yes indeed i did see your gripper only after someone over at letsmakerobots pointed it out ( your link fails above so i repost here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:97640http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... )
The keys to my project were :-
(1) The Linear actuator ... it pushes over 3kg of force which is more than enough. ( a servo direct drive will not yield enough force)

(2) Solid metal links as braces between the arm links, any "give" here has a knock on effect for "conforming" to the object.

bionic claw

Very cool!

Have you tried more than three fingers? It seems that it might help with the initial contact (eg. the tennis ball), but might also look strangely familiar with 8 fingers (octopus?).

Also, for the linkages I'm wondering how much it might degrade performance for those to be printed all into a single piece. I imagine it would mean the linkages would be 2 nozzle-diameters thick at the ends (to provide maximum flexibility), but would beef up to at least 10 nozzle-diameters thick at about a 45 degree angle (roughly the maximum deflection I saw in the finger example).


I used 3 fingers as a start because i leaned into the fact that it would centre anything it picked up....
Hmmm ... indeed i will print a 5 fingered version .... errrr well 4 fingers on one actuator and a thumb with second actuator, and try my hand (no pun) at a simple handgrip form ... as the human fingers/thumb also have this conforming tendency
The print on my Ultimaker gave the finger "Walls" a thickness of 1.6mm ie each wall was 2 walls of 0.8mm. they where close enough together to fuse.
Yes i guess it would be a good idea to taper the walls, this would mean that the end tip would really curl around and pull the object deeper into the gripper...

Very cool. Was this inspired by Festo Bionics, perhaps?

Thanks .
I have seen the Festo version.... however that's a pneumatic system with interchangeable jaws ..... its design if you look closely has flaws.. (that rhymes).
There are many variants out there, dating back 40 years plus, so its not really a new idea.