Ultimaker2 Cable Chain

by sneakypoo Dec 1, 2013
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Hi have a couple of small questions. Shouldn't the hotbed end go underneath the hotbed? I wonder how its fixed to the hotbed when on top and how would the wires route from the topside to the underside where their soldered on. Another small thing is why is the top end angled and not straight so it can be bolted to the underside of the hotbed where the soldered wires would be located in the center arch of the opening? There's no way to bolt it on without drilling through the hotbed wires at the angle its at now. Apart from these two small things its a lovely wire enclosure definitely give it an A+

The mount was designed for an Ultimaker 2 where it makes perfect sense. If you don't have one of those, the mount might not be suitable.

Tjenare.. jag skulle behöva editera en länk... är det möjligt att få tag på originalet så jag kan modda i solidworks?

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Hello. is it possible to get the file so i can edit it? using solidworks.

Hello. is it possible to get the file so i can edit it? using solidworks.

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will this work for the UM2 extended?
My guess is one could just print more pieces till it reach.

Has anyone made one for the UM2 extended? How many links?

Hello guys

I had an issue with the belt :(

I did a few test prints with the belt mounted

But unfortunately one print finished without me watching and the belt went under the bed : /

Thankfully the printer isn't damaged

Is it suitable for UMO+ ? (google translate)

Is not =(

Are the source files available as I need to make different ends and would prefer not to start form scratch.
It is a good design as it prints well.

Sorry, I wont be uploading any source files. I'll probably not upload any more designs here at all due to the bullshit that Makerbot is pulling.

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I did eventually get it into solidworks as a igs file after a few conversions and I can work with it but is 24mb and a bit slow to open/save. What is the problem with designs and Makerbot?

great design! is it possible to get some editable files or joint dimensions? i would like to make custom chain ends for it.

How are you liking the Ultimaker 2?

I had a few issues at first but now that I've sorted those I'm liking it quite a bit. The one thing that still sort of bugs me is that it seems to not like going fast. I feel quite limited in speed compared to the original. I don't know if it's the smaller mass of the hotend or me just doing something wrong but it's noticeable for sure.

But the finish is a huge improvement, the platform is much more stable, the leveling system works great, love the heated bed, the controller on the front works well for the most part (I'm hoping more features will come as things slow down over at Ultimaker), it's more quiet than the original, dual fans as standard is nice.