Combination Safe

by ChuTec_Engineering_Solutions Dec 4, 2016
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its great work i printed this at 150% size works well

I figured out how to at least make it work with the numbers of my choosing. I have just completed assembly and tested it to determine mechanical reliability – so far, so good.

Thank you so much for producing instruction for others for setting the combination! To be honest I was struggling with how to explain it cause I didn't really put much thought into it... silly me!!!

Dear all,

I just want to make an apology for my long absence.

I've been busy with university etc... I hope you understand that keeping this project up to date with the latest support alongside my commitments is very difficult.

However, I do agree that the instructions I have provided are very poor, and I will HOPEFULLY create better instructions before 2020, as well as an upload of the CAD files with the nominal values (Without the tolerance considerations previously).

I hope that this will solve all problems and make everyone happy before I end my support on this and move onto more projects!

Many Thanks,

ChuTec Engineering

Clear instructions?
Why post a nice think and not get response to users?

Clear instructions?
Why post a nice think and not get response to users?

Good Idea, but toooo much play and with compination it is no instuction, so I print 20h for .....
If I close, the chance ist 40% to open with (random number) My numbers are not coming.

Please make for other user a Version 100% funktion from play space. Thank you

PS: I modify a bit mit old filament parts, it works better.

No one can tell HOW to set up the right combination
I tried for 2 hours

What is the size of the largest part

Hi, this looks like a great design and I would really like to print this for my nephew, but the instructions are not very clear, how would you choose the combination?

j'ai fabriquer le coffre mais le soucis je n'arrive pas pas a savoir comment faire mon code en plaçant les petit truc sur chaque roue ,j'ai imprime le 11 pour la fin mais je voudrais avoir le code 2 1 3 11 comment placer les curseur merci de votre réponse

The only issue I'm having is trying to figure out how to set the combination for the first three numbers. I'm going to experiment to see if I can't figure it out, but it'd be great if we could get instructions on setting your own combination.

bonjour popurrait tu me dire si tu as reussi a faire ton code et si oui merci de m'expliquer cordialement

No, I did not figure it out. It's rather non-intuitive, as each number is relative to the next number. As I had a deadline to get the safe working by (it was part of a present for my wife for Christmas) I just played with it until I got decent (but not what I wanted) numbers.

Here's what I did discover: it appears as though the number of turns are:

  1. 4+ turns clockwise
  2. 3 turns counter clockwise
  3. 2 turns clockwise
  4. 1 turn counter clockwise

Pffffft! Instructions?! I'm just going to stick parts where they fit!

what parts do i print there are a ton of files

how can i set the opening code to a code from my wish?
the last digit is clear, but how the first 3?


Can you turn all of the models lay flat on the platform for me?

WoW!!! really nice. I would like to make one, this is fairly large though and my slicer says 6hrs 53 min just for the box alone. I am not sure it would all work if scaled to 50%. I think there may be some tolerance issues. Any chance you can post the source files?

Again thanks Nice work!

6 hrs 53 min is NO time compared to what I have printed. I plan to scale mine to to 200%. also, what speed are you printing at?
you seem to be printing quite fast.

Hi n9jcv,

Thanks for the comment!

I'm quite busy at the moment with student stuff but should be ok with uploading source files for you to manipulate.

I haven't tried printing the design at 50% scale so I have no idea how it will turn out. I used Autodesk Inventor to design it so if you tell me what type of CAD file you want me to export, I will upload them onto here.

Files for Sketchup please if you can do that. If not, then just the Inventor files and I will have to learn Inventor with a free trial. Thanks

The stl plugin for sketchup adds direct stl import into the program. I use it all the time for remixes. File > import, change the file type pull down to stl and away you go.

Hi, Sorry but have no way of converting the files into Sketchup formats.
I have uploaded them in Inventor files so your going to have to use a free trial of inventor(I've used Sketchup before and the transition to inventor was pretty easy so you should have no problem!).