TriGorilla Mosfet Case

by lilmikey Dec 5, 2016
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Ditto, is it 40mm or maybe 50mm?

Would you be able to post the original design file? I need to make an adjustment to the base. I'm using m3 nuts but they dont fit the holes you have for the nuts. Doesnt seem to be a scaling issue as anything else i print with these types of holes fit perfect. I may just have a slightly larger outer diameter.

Edit: Nevermind. Figured out a far easier solution. Centered the nuts over the holes. Since the holes are just slightly smaller than the nut the nut sits in the cavity flat. Took my handy soldering iron with a pencil tip, stuck the heated tip of the soldering iron through the threaded hole of the nut and held it perfectly vertical and lightly pressed. The hot nut softens the plastic allowing it to permanently embed itself in the base. Just press VERY lightly and pull the iron the second it sinks in flush with the plastic. The plastic will cool and set fast. Too far and you'll end up going right through the whole part. A variable temperature iron is best since it allows you to slowly heat to the melting temp of the plastic so you can control the speed of the countersink.

Any chance you could post the STEP file? I think I have a way to model where no supports are needed. I will give remix credit.

would be printing this in pla be fine and can you post a pic of the wires

Could you post the wiring drawing for this?

The bottom image on the Amazon listing at https://www.amazon.com/TriGorilla-Printer-Heating-Controller-Extruder/dp/B01HCVJ3K2 labels the connections. 'Heatbed connector' are the leads to your heated bed. 'Power input 12-24V' is power directly from your PSU. 'Connect to ramps 1.4' is the trigger - connects to where your heatbed would normally connect on a ramps/mks board. The bottom two green connectors are left open in this configuration.

So the green "-BED+" is unconnected?

Yes. The green -BED+ is an alternate connection which is not optically isolated from the output. You should avoid using it if you don't need it (and most people don't need it).