DT-12 Blaster; Greedo (SW, ANH)

by Straeker Dec 5, 2016
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Hi, do you have the stl of the the full blaster ? It would be wonderful ! thanks

This worked out great for me. Thanks for posting it. I'm also 501st and been working on an Outer Rim Greedo based on the Star Wars Battlefront game. This model was close enough to get me what I wanted.

I made a few modifications that helped my build. I reworked the "screw-on twinkie" to be a single piece and included the missing groove around the center. I bought real Ruger grips. And really why not? They look awesome and only cost eight bucks. I remade the barrel since the step is too long, smoothed the receiver model to eliminate the excess lettering and serial number that don't print well, and most importantly, the model "as is" is over scale and needs to be printed at 90%. These were all little things and all good projects require some tweaking. All in all, this is a great model and a nice addition to a Greedo costume.

I'm glad it had worked for you!! hope you may share some pictures with us!!

Have good troopings!! :)

having trouble with the handle files, manifold issues, holes all over the place

Just thought I would put this out there. The gun used as the base for the Greedo Blaster (DT-12) was a Ruger Mark I, not a Ruger Mark III. There are some significant design differences in look between the two guns. I recommend changing your model to reflect how a Mark I would look versus a Mark III.

I had a little trouble with the twinkies. I’m not sure if it was my printer or not but it kept stopping about half way through.

Is there a version of the files without the disk rafts ?

I have to say, this is a great model! I really enjoy assembling it but i'm stumped as to how to assemble the safety on the inside. I saw how it looks on the outside but i need help on the inside

could you maybe upload a picture of the inside and its functionality? I't would be the best

Thank you so much!
P.S. how do you break apart the thin sights from their base without breaking it?

Hi, I've uploaded a picture that I hope will show how to assemble the safety group, I've also uploaded the antenas alone, with out the support base.

Regards!! :)

Thank you so much!!!

Hi. I'm assembling this printed model. There are two parts that I cannot figure out where they go. One is the dome-shaped part...

The other piece is the for left piece in this group...


Help please? :-)

Hi Scooter65,

The dome piece goes in the very end of the cannon, sorry is not in the pictures.

The safety group, if you look closely in the second picture, (Blaster left side) you'll see there the little pieces, some of them goes inside the handle, (actually if you're really careful you may get the weapon's lock to function) and some goes between the handle and the grip.

Hope this help you!!


Ah. I see it now. Thanks!

I used an airsoft Ruger MK1 by the brand ASG as a base, but unfortunately the part I printed as a test (magazine cover) didn't fit. I tried to modify it a little in TinkerCAD but haven't had succes with that yet.
Thanks for the share, though! Maybe I'll try it with the printed model you linked some day.

P.S. I used supports with the magazine cover, but that wasn't a great succes: the overhangs were too tiny to print. Maybe if you flip it upside down and then print without support it'll work better?

Hi, I´ve uploaded a Magazine cap upside, lets hope it works for you, probably you'll need a little support at the base, thanks!!

I'll try, thank you!

Do you have to use supports to print the files ? :)

Hi, actually only the handle needs supports, everything else was printed with out supports, unless your printing software generate it automatically, which I guess it is the better, thanks!!

This is an excellent model. One suggestion, would you be able to remove the Ruger artifacts, such as the "RUGER MK III" label and the round wing symbols? I'm looking for a model that will pass 501st standards. Thanks.

Hi, I've removed the Mark III sign and the grips logos, but remember that the blaster is optional, you can have your Greedo accepted with no blaster.
By the way I was checking the CRL for the Greedo Blaster, and I think is outdated, now with HD movies more details has come up around this blaster, mine is not perfect but it is more accurate than the actual CRL picture.

Maybe I'll have to tell them to update that picture, Thanks!!

The barrel still have the original letters, but they're so thin that they will not make trough the final print, do not worry you can always use a little sanding

Thanks for the changes. Like I said, it is a really nice model. I know that the CRL doesn't require a blaster, but Greedo would be no fun without one. ;-)

Sure, let me work on that, In the meantime, if you have already printed it, and do not want to waste the part, maybe you can try with a litte of Bondo, anyway as soon as I can will upload the no signs version.


I've scaled up the right handle, maybe that was the error, thanks!!

right side of the handle has mesh errors

Ok, I'll check it, but I've print three models now, with no errors. thanks!!

Thank you very much!

You're welcome, I've downloaded a lot of great stuff here for free! this is just retribution!!