Game cart holder (SNES, N64, Gameboy/GBA, DS, NES)

by stuffperson Dec 18, 2016
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Nice model.

You show on picture one print with 5 slots. Is it possible to add it for download (SNES PAL).

Thank you in advance, best regards.


Hi mojoki!

You can make models with any number of slots in the Customizer app. The link is next to the pictures under 'Thing Apps Enabled'. If the app doesn't work for you, I can make the STL, but please try the app first. Thanks!


I don't have any NES games. Could you give me the measurements for a cart, and then do a test print?

The bottom portion is 106mm x 17mm x 24mm after the 24mm height the width increases to 120mm and total height is 134mm

I added an option for NES carts in the Customizer based on your measurements (shows up as "NES (Untested)". Could you try printing it to verify the model?

I did a test print, then modified it a little bit and re-printed. First, it instantly toppled over as soon as I put in 2 carts. I modified the angle to 15 degrees to remedy this. Then, the print cut out the back corners, you can see this in the image attached. For this, I decided to modify the model to only cut out the first 24mm leaving the cart overhang to rest at the top of the print.

I can't really decide which version I like better, so I'll leave it up to you if you want to incorporate my changes, or just make the model slightly wider to accommodate the wider portion of the cart.

Hi! Based on your testing, I implemented support legs to keep it from falling over and made the cart hole a bit more shallow so the wider part doesn't go inside. I'm going to print one soon, but I still don't have any actual NES games

Thank you!

I was a bit afraid it might fall over. I have the same 30 degree angle in all the other models, so I was hoping to keep that...

I'll think this over and get back to you. Thanks again

very sleak design, this will make out nicely in our retro-shelf.

Great design, although i'm hesitant to print this for 300 games

Very well done with all of these versions! Easily, the best cartridge holder out there.