Anet A8 Filament Holder

by kakawuwu Dec 5, 2016
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Simple and effective, thanks. I only use the bracket portion, and it's a fast, easy print and install. Just replace the three stock m3x18 bolts with m3x30 of which I had extras anyway.

Insert the rod into the bracket and add 2 nuts for spacing. I then use 2 basic round 3-arm flat spool adapters with 8.5mm bore to place the spool on the rod, no bearing necessary. I print the required spool diameters to fit different spools when necessary, 58mm and 75mm about 50/50 so far. Just subtract 1mm and go.

I also added simple arm filament holder at the top to keep the unwinding filament angle up to prevent dropping loops. This only happened for me with new spools dropping a couple loops, and it didn't seem to be a problem anyway, but the raised arm guide seems to have rectified that as well.

This is not a good design.

Spools should not be mounted on their sides, the cables will over lap and you will end up with resistance on the feeding motor

i can not confirm your hypothesis. I used the spoolholder for 6-8 month and never had an issue with it. However i only used 1kg spools. Or it depends on the quality of the spool. But thanks for the concern.

You may take good care of your spools, having worked with spooling in other areas, if the spool becomes lose and you have it on it's side, the shaking will cause the layers to overlap. I have to clean my stepper of the extruder constantly because I allow this to happen. But I'm just lazy.

I should clarify, I don't think it's terrible.

Filament only tangels when you do not take proper care of your filament. NEVER let a spool become lose this will lead to misprints, no matter how you filament is positioned! Always lock the end of your filament when it is not on your printer!

What do i need for this spoolholder? The rod that came with the anet a8, a ball bearing? what else?

You need 3x M3x30 and 2x M10 nuts and one rod
Imho the universal_Spoole_thingi that comes with it does not make any sense with this mount.
As for my understanding it would be necessary to mount it like this
-++]>]---]<]+- (where ] being abec7 bearings,+ being nuts, > being the "thingi"
But the problem is: with the stock rod from the Anet spool holder I dont see there is enough clearance as the "thingi" misses a second bearing pocket.

I will try to use http://www.thingiverse.com/make:307738 instead as it just requires 2 ABEC7 instead of 4 and the stock rod is sufficient.

Universal Filament Spool Holder
by wacomg