Ford 427 Cobra Desktop Scale Model 1:5

by MrCadillacsts Dec 6, 2016
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this is cool engine ...Awesome... i try to print it but when i put spark wire in slicer ... something wrong the thing look not solid..so i can put support on it... how do i can repair it? thanks

I´ve checked the files! I changed the orientation of the elements (files are updated)! Try the updated files, they should now work!
Also check your extruder nozzle size. The spark wires will not work correctly with nozzles biggen than 0,4mm.

i have download the new update of thing ... is success going to solid ... thanks... how did you do that? what software did u use for repair?

every single element has an outside and an inside. The orientation of the ignition cable was inside out. The correction has done a selfwritten-script. It should also work with Meshlab. Meshlab is free and has many features for editing 3D models.

hi imantridtech,
I try to figure out what the problem is! I think it´s a orientation problem of the elements. Give me 24 hours to fix the files!!

Thank you for your time and effort in doing these incredible models!!
Something like THIS is exactly what I would want, with Mounts to use as a Receiver Box for my Wraith. :D

Maybe with not so much fine details, and of course, no Gearbox... in 1/10th Scale!
I have NO experience in 3D Printing, so I have to have someone else print the pieces. However, this, made for my Wraith, would be a show stopper!!

at the moment I `am working on a 1/10 LS3 engine. I hope this will be available the next two weeks. After that I try to preparate a Ford engine, which can be used as a receiverbox!!

Thank you! That would be awesome!!

off hand would anybody know what percent i would have to drop each piece to get it to 1/10th scale for an RC Crawler?

I'm almost through building this and there are several things not working out. theres no file for the alternator braket and the pictures show something behind the water pump but theres no file for that either.

Hello Dhurt8955,

I´ve checked the database and you`re right. Three files missing. I don´t know how this can be happened. Sorry for that!
The missing files are uploaded, now. To complete your model, you have to download the following files:

-wire_coil_to_distributor.stl ignition wire between coil and rotorcap
-vibration_damper.stl part behind crankshaft pulley
-mounting_arm_alternator.stl upper alternator bracket (connection to water pump)

Thank´s for the hint!!


Very very cool. Going to have to queue these parts up and eventually build it. Too much of a Ford fan to not. :-)

Absolutley Awesome Sir
Thank-you for all your time and effort
10 stars

I have not made this, and I do not intend to. But I just want to say that this looks very cool. And good job to the designer.