parametric timing belt for openscad

by alj_rprp Dec 2, 2013
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At kawa18 ;

You must uncomment and comment in module "test_belt" / Comment here / what you want to see , guided by the color of the belt.

Comment what you don't want and uncomment what you want , the text change of color by the way.

And offset , by example , translate([0,0,5])color("aquamarine") , five units z to up , to match origen.

After , F5 , F6 and export "as STL" file.


Nice job,

Could you explain how it work?

I want to generate only one belt, but Opencad generate all the belts in one file....

Thank you

Nice, like what you have done :)

Thank you.
your base work was quite good but I really needed the partial rotate extrusion ;)
I have other base libs like that in the pipeline, will try to clean them quickly