Acorn with secret compartment

by tart2000 Dec 2, 2013
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printed on a robo3d with PLA. scaled the center piece that screws in down by reducing the y axis by .25 mm with locked proportions and the entire acorn printed and pieced together fabulous. It is larger than a real acorn but I wanted it this way so it was perfect. Thanks for the design :) I highly recommend this project to print with kids. My four year old is fascinated by it.

Awesome! Thanks for the comment ;)

also this is the largest Acorn I ever saw. maybe after correcting center piece to fit. all parts need scaled down about 35% 0.65 or the acorn walls could be thinned down and outside diameter of cap reduced that way internal size could remain. as for Geocaching. dont you think Squirrels would haul it away to their treasure trove?

Excellent modeling though!

the center part is too big to pass through the cap or thread into Acorn by quite a bit. cant sand it down enough to do so either. it MUST be scaled down maybe 0.955 to go together correctly when printed in ABS.. plastic swells when extruded and cooled

Scaling it down to 95% in PLA worked for me.

Thanks, scaling down to 99.5% worked for me.

did not fit and could not thread... PLA 196 degree on M3D printer

Great item. I printed a couple for geocaching containers.

That said, I've had to do a lot of work to get one to screw into the other. Maybe it's because I'm using a 0.5mm print head. Besides the standard clearning out any misc. print plastic, I've found I've needed to use a couple sets of channel lock pliers and twist them together and apart a few times, and then add some PTFE lube on the threads to get them worked to a point that someone can open close them with their fingers. Is it possible to get the original CAD files so I can try to make some adjustments?

I didn't think of using them for geocaching but it's an awesome idea! It was quite a tight-fit when I printed them as well... But I guess you could just print the 3rd part at 105% scale and it would be easier...
Otherwise, you can just check my Tinkercad file and modify it...

In the middle of learning tinkercad, but their server went into maintenance. If I'm not mistaken, simple scaling it in a slicer scales not only the X&Y but also the Z axis, if so, that would result in thread misalignment. So, I'm learning tinkercad, which I planned on doing anyway.

That said, I printed with ABS last night, and it was a bit better fitting than what I had on my PLA printing. A bit of cleaning up of some edge material on the 'bolt' part (while printing all three parts together it resulted in a bit of excess material during travel back to this piece.) And this piece was an easier fit into the top of the acorn as well. Will probably need to use bit of acetone/material glue to keep it from spinning should the nut be tightened too much. I may scale the X/Y diameter the bottom piece up by 0.1mm and see how that does, that should give about 0.05mm or so more wiggle room in the threads, while keeping the thread pitch the same.

I'm at a point that I'll probably print all three separately and use 0.1mm layers instead of 0.2mm layers. Note that with the ABS, I'm getting very accurate edges when printing test patterns. I haven't done this with PLA, and maybe that's the problem I was running into.

Let me know how things go.
For the 'holder' part, I've made some tests with just a hole instead of a bridge.
I'll upload the parts some time soon.

Not to nitpick but that is an acorn not a hazelnut. Hazelnuts don't have that that that ring around the base of the nut. They can have a husk but never the base.

Cheers ="thingiverse-447664a3141eb12771bd889d6d4e1bdb:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-447664a3141eb12771bd889d6d4e1bdb/caster66. This is now corrected ;)

It still says 'hazelnut' in the description ;) Uploading pictures now - very cool fit :)

Done! Thanks