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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by Apsu Dec 7, 2016
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I can see a good 3d printer in this but I think the most people are going for the delta.

btw. nice work.

He wasn't trying to make a Delta. He was trying to make something unique. A delta also doesn't look like, something out of a syfy film. He was trying to do sometime unique and he did.

Is there any way to prevent the machine from falling when motors are powered off?

How is it going with this.. ?
I actually printed all the parts for the tripteron but i like this better.. :) But would like to know how far along this is :)

This is so awesome and beautiful !
I'm going to build it once working version available for shure!

Thanks, I think so too! I hope to have some updates later this week!

theoretically, how fast could it print?

BTW- sorry for the multiple copies of first comment. it was website lag(((

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It's a very interesting project. I tried to build a similar device some time ago, though with little success. It sort of worked but it's working envelope was simply too small compared to the size of machine. Now I think it might have something to do with joint angle, which was 45 degrees (seemed like a logical choice at the time). Yours are more like 30 degrees. Have you came up with some kind of formula for joint angles to maximize working envelope?
Also, could you, please, publish Fusion 360 files?

Not a formula to maximize it yet, I started by constraining the effector to about 50-55mm above a mockup build plate, to leave room for a non-compact hotend setup, and then moving through the extremes of motion and adjusting arm angle until the actuators didn't go too low on any tower at any point, and so that the bottom of each arm didn't impinge on the build volume below where the hotend would be. That ends up being somewhere in the 25-35 deg range, and I am currently testing 25deg.

The main mockup F360 file is a little ugly, and I am refining quite rapidly, so as soon as it slows down and I'm working from a bit more reasonable set of design files, I will publish them :)

Thanks for the hint. Again, it's an awesome project. I can't wait to see updates.

You forgot the tripteron feet. How is it going to wobble around now?

Wow this thing Is beautiful! Please make a point of sharing a video with me when you get it actually printing.

Thanks! I'll definitely be blasting out video everywhere I can once it's printing. I'm a lot closer than the current videos show, too, just have a few more things to improve in the joint bracketing and I think I solved it already (smaller bolt holes, which are in the current model files, so the bolts thread into them tightly providing extra rigidity), so next few days I'll have them printed and replaced for testing. If it goes well, I'll make another groovemount bracket and try a print!

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