18650 Fatshark-like Battery Case (Over-engineered) - 8.4V

by boweeble Dec 7, 2016
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I am having issues with the front and back plate, I cant get them to clip in, seems like the clips are too big. Is anyone else having this issue?

I'll make a new iteration for you and post it this weekend.

So this is not designed to remove the batteries?

What are you using for contacts?

I Just soldered the batteries in series then soldered the connector on the other end along with the board...

Hmm, I thought the point of this design was to allow you to swing open the hatch and swap out the cells with freshly charged ones (as well as charge the dead cells in a 18650 charger). If you have to solder the cells and charge in series via the discharge lead then why not just use one of the more basic designs..

Guess something like this might do.. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3Pairs-18650-Battery-Contacts-Spring-Contact-Band-Plate-18-5-16MM-16-5-16mm-Connector-Positive

Have ordered the spring contacts, lipo checker (2S) and correct leads/plugs from AliExpress. Can hopefully make this work once they arrive in a months time :)

Hi, be careful not to print this, cause bottom and top don't fit, too small.

This has been corrected and the top has been updated. New file is available for downloading. Sorry about that guys!

did i do a mistake or is it normal, that the top is to small to fit??

Updated top available for download

Any updates? I printed one, but top and bottom covers don't line up

Updated top available for download

The cover plate with the button and LED Element is way to short on one side

Updated top available for download

OMG this thing looks AMAZING!!

Thanks @bfasty! Let me know if you put one together!