Delta Kossel Cooling Fans

by wabbitguy Dec 8, 2016
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Any chance you could please make a version that fits 5015 blower fans (maybe have them at an angle to clear the effector)?

The 5015's would have to be at a significant angle to clear the effector/hot end. Blower fans like to run vertical to be the easiest on the bearings so I don't know what the lifespan would be.

With the 5015 fans angled out, on a delta printer, they'd probably hit the x, y towers since most of the deltas tend to have the towers fairly close to the bed. Even my 4020's come close to the towers when printing on the very edge of my 220mm bed.

Lastly to have adjustable vents for the 5015's, there's not much room to work with.

I did design one that uses 4015 blower fans. My idea being that the whole thing would be smaller with less mass. Thus faster head movements, less ringing from jerk/accel speed changes. What I found was they didn't perform anywhere near as well as the 4020's. Although the CFM was similar, they needed to be run at a higher rpm to achieve the same amount of cooling. So back to the 4020's (lesson learned, I can't fix it if it's not broke)...:-)

I guess I am buying some fans :D thanks

I wish all the fans came with specs as actually reported, so it's kind of hard to find good ones. Basically look for something around 6,000 RPM, 5 to 6 CFM and they should draw .1 to .12A (100ma to 120ma). Bearings, I've ordered some with sleeve and ball bearings, or at least reported to be that, but when I got them, sleeve bearings...sigh...

I connect them up to a 12V variable speed controller mainly because I find I can control the airflow better than most slicers try to do. With some of the fans, I can run them at as low as 40% speed. Below that they refuse to run. Other fans won't start below about 70% and refuse to run slower. Quality control seems sketchy at best. The controllers I use are:


Hi, well done..air flow from hotend fan don't impact printed object!
Can you upload CAD file? i want implement optic sensor mount... basically 2 holes on bottom at right hight..

I've uploaded a different fan setup today and the vents are adjustable so you can point them where you want them. Might fit your needs better.

I tested the path with an airflow meter to see and it is correct for my V5 hot end.

I've experimented with directing the airflow more down onto the print job and away from the nozzle, but I found it useless for doing small areas or doing some like rocket nose cones in vase mode. I might still have the adjustable one around here but it's for axial fans not blower fans.

Finding blower fans with specs and that will run quietly on 12V and with PWM is hard too. I'm currently using 4,800 RPM, 5.5 CFM fans.

I can't upload a CAD file because I designed it all in Tinkercad.