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Black Decker 20v battery model

by Simhopp Dec 9, 2016
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Nice work. Can I use my 20v black and decker batteries to power my 20v porter cable tools with these? Thanks!

I believe they are interchangeable, you need to trim and cut some area from your tool and battery to make them fit,
but they are essentially same thing.
ie, you don't need an adapter.

I don't really want to cut and trim the batteries and tools so what I'm going to try to do is print the black and decker female side and the porter cable male side and glue them together then create the electrical connections between the two so that I can just attach it to my porter tools and use any b&d 20v battery. Thanks again :)

this is what I need! thanks!

I'm planning on powering my B&D Circular saw using an xbox 360 power adapter. My 1.5AH battery that is included with the saw lasts about 2 minutes hen I start using it. care to comment/share experience?

I'm worried that the printed plastic might melt though, any inputs on that?

thanks again!

I don't think xbox 360 power adapter can handle a circular saw.

If you want to try AC power adapter to power 18V or 20V power tools, you need a very large power supply.

for example, most 7 1/2" circular saw are about 15 Amp at 120v.
meaning around 1500 Watt power.

so let's assume battery powered circular saw are smaller and use less power, let's say around 1000 Watt.

that's still huge amount of power, and at 20v that's 50 Amps. at 18v that's 60 amps.
(meaning if you want to run circular saw for 1 hour, you need 60 AmpHour battery,
since you have 1.5AH battery, it only runs 2 minutes)

I'm pretty sure Xbox 360 power supply is not rated at 50 amps.

AAAAAHHH... this is bad... so you mean to say the largest battery available(4.0AH) for black and decker would last 4minutes? should have done my research on battery drain before getting a battery operated circular saw...

this is my exact unit:

this is my 1.5ah battery:

this is the 4.0ah battery

anyways I'll try it still and update this thread if it works :)

well, it depends on the use.

if you are cutting thin plywood, you will be able to use the battery for longer period of time,

if you are cutting tough thick wood, it will only run for 4-5 minutes.

the specified amperage is mostly maximum amperage.

for example, if you have a car with 200 hp engine, doesn't mean the engine is producing 200 hp all the time.

most of the normal driving is done with probably using 50 hp or less. it only generates full 200 hp when you press the gas pedal really hard.

but looking at those batteries I posted those were the AH you were pertaining to right?

so I might get away with it if I don't go full throttle? :D

thanks again btw, this is sooo OT

Do you know if the 24v battery is compatible 20v battery? I have an old 24v B&D hedger that I would mike to make an adapter so I can use my 24v Ridgid and Koblat batteries on it.

I'm pretty sure B&D 24v had completely different physical connector interface compare to their current 20v lithium packs.

you could use your old battery as a part of adapter, rather than trying to create that part with modeling and 3d printing.