Airsoft carbine conversion for KWA 1911

by Time268 Dec 9, 2016
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Would this work for the Elite force 1911 tac?

Just from looking at pictures, yes. It looks like it has the same lower frame, which is what matters.

I wonder if this would work for my Para P14 with 16 inch barrel.

I don't think so, the design needs a front rail to work properly.

will this work for 1911 red jacket

Probably, the frame and body look identical to my Blackwater Edition, just different paint on the slide.

great! :) my computer isn't loading the links for the stock and the suppressor can u pls tell me what type they are? also what type of screws do i need pls reply. thanks.

I used M5 screws throughout the build, of some varying lengths. Just measure the hole lengths after it is printed, they are all designed around standard lengths.
Stock: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=62487
Suppressor/tracer unit: http://www.evike.com/products/31492/

I hope you can get your build up and running!
Also, check out the remix that LupusWoraxCustom made of this. It is much more suited for 3D printing than my design, and requires less purchased hardware.

Will this fit a TM hi-capa ?

I have no idea. As stated below, it will depend entirely on how wide the pistol and rail section are, and how far back the slide moves during operation. The under barrel rail section must be the same/similar profile of standard 1913/picatinny rail, and the slide must be 23.5mm wide or thinner. If it meets these criteria, there is a good chance that the chassis can at least be tweaked with a dremel tool to fit your airsoft gun.

if i use this STL files it shows me an 2.9mm big project. what would be the real total length ?

There may be a scaling issue with the program you are using. Try multiplying the scale by 25.4 (converting inches to mm) and see if it is a more realistic size. Overall length should be about 15.5 inches, or about 393mm

What kind of m4 stock tube attachment is that?
Also for 3d printing should be made a bit smaller I guess, since most printers dont do well over 20-25cm.

Check the build log, I list all of the non-printed parts I used. Also, I am well aware that the model can't be printed as is on most machines, but it can be easily split with Meshmixer or Netfabb.

Any chance You want to make one fitting beretta m9? :D

It all depends on having a picatinny rail on the front of the frame, and the dimensions of the width and length of the slide, and the width of the frame where the picatinny rail is. If you have some specs or a schematic, I might be able to make something!

Slide width in the front is 29.5mm
Height from the bottom of the rail to the top of front sight is 48mm approx
Distance from the trigger guard to the fron is 83.3mm
Height from the bottom of the rail to the center of the barrel is 30.5mm
Widest part of the slide in the back is 38.5mm
Distance from the rail screw slot to the front is 37mm
I tried to import the stl to sketchup, but it was too heavy on polygons and rhino file not that compatible with sketchup.


Sketchup model uploaded, you should be able to modify to your hearts content!

Thanks, If I manage to finish it, will share a remix :)

This design includes a little issue I think.... How do you manage to rack it?

That is addressed in the build log, but it's essentially a 3/16 inch piece of round steel bent into a double L, or 2 5mm hex key wrenches glued back to back. One end hooks the front of the slide between the barrel and frame, and the other runs in the channel in the left shell of the kit, with the handle protruding out of the left side. No printed parts for that, its stronger than any printed part, and very easy to make.

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