LPA Fanduct v5.5 - E3Dv6/Stock hotends with 40mm fan

by Elzariant Dec 9, 2016
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I'm going to try and remix this for the Tevo Tarantula Pro.

Hi there, is there a chance, to get a Version for an Induction Probe liek this one https://www.banggood.com/LJ12A3-4-ZBY-PNP-DC6-36V-Inductive-Proximity-Sensor-Detection-Switch-p-982679.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CN ?

It would just need a sturdy Ring with 12mm diameter int the place of the BLtouch mount?

Kindly regards

Hi, i have print "LPA_Fanduct_v5.5" and "LPA_StockHotend_Clip_v5.5" but i think there is a problem with the StockHotend print model.
With this model that is impossible to fix the two parts with the fan.
Where the nuts can be placed ?

Hi, cool model! Is this designed for a slim 40x10mm fan? It wouldn't fit with a beefier 40x20mm over the hotend/heatblock.

This fan only serves to cool the hotend and replace the noisy 30x10. No need to be oversized.

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Fan duct blows air right to the heat block and is too high for the volcano hot end.
Printed the volcano style with the bl touch mount. Now it does look beautiful but I can’t get near 140-150 degree temps. Gotta figure out how to lower it without having to sacrifice the fresh print lol!

Pictures please so I can see the origin of the issue.

The Fan duct works great, but how do you keep it from sliding side to side? I put an M3 screw behind the V6 heatsink with an M3 nut, but even that doesn't keep it from moving during a print.


Yes, there's nothing that prevent the fanduct to rotate around the heatsink expect tightening the M3 screw.

I really like my V6 fanduct you designed, But I have a constant problem of it sliding to the left or right during prints. All I have to secure it to the heat sink is one M3 screw held in place with a nut.
I printed the fan duct in ABS so it’s tough and has a little bit of flex to it.

What do you suggest I do to tighten it on so it doesn’t move left and right?

Can u make one for dual e3dv6 hotend?

Stock clip has been cracked after first attempt to mount this clip. Its to tight.
Or maybe it must be printed not using ABS - maybe some more elastic plastic (sbs, flex?) - there is just no description about that.

Also whole design is very fragile - thermal barrier fan mount is about 2-3mm thick - one wrong action and you need glue.

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Hi, any plans to make a fanduct for dual stock/E3D v6 extruder with BLTouch support?

Hi Elzariant thanks for you awesome job, can you share the Stock HotEnd Model? Thanks

I just used the one from there : https://grabcad.com/library/e3d-chimera-1
And I centered the heating cartridge+nozzle

Thanks a lot!!!

REQUEST: Hi, could you please create a fanduct for dual stock extruder both with SN04 and BLtouch opposite fanduct. I am fairly new at this and do not know how to make these changes yet.

Thanks in advance

Some great work here Elzariant.

Would be good to get a fan on the other side as well to increase the cooling (there is a lot of drop off in the fan output through this duct), also would be good to see it with dual 4010 blower fans to reduce the overall size and get better through put on the fans through the ducts as they have a much higher static pressure without the noise of a full blower (say one on each side leaving space where the fan is presently on the end for sensor). Pretty please for the dual 4010 blower fans :)

If you are still working on the files please add some fillets to the divider channels edges/joints in front of the fan as this will significantly reduce the turbulence at the start of the ducts improving the amount of flow through them.

Would also be a great addition for deltas if you dropped the heatbreak fan back to 30mm and used the standard E3D V6 30mm fan mounting height for the max overall height of the duct. Ideally you should only need to do the Volcano as this is the most likely candidate for the delta's (pretty please for one of these to replace the poor system on the Tevo Little Monsters, mock up effector https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2750830 ).

Tevo Little MOnster Effector
by Cinpro

Thanks for your comments.

For your information, I designed something similar to LM using 4010 blower for the Tarantula and the Black Widow

Yeah I saw that but looking for something with the full "ring" around the nozzle, I printed this one up but there is not enough airflow for the fast speed the Little Monster can print at so it really needs the dual blower style fans to get the airflow that is needed.

Looks good, il use with an adaptor and put dual 5015 fans. ( planning to teach my printer to fly :D )
I wonder whether there was found a solution for the file showing up weirdly in S3D. It appears as if there are surfaces missing, and slicing the only one that worked on a few layers from the bottom ( mostly the part where the air would circulate and exit towards the nozzle),
Although I did nothing different from usual, who knows I may have fcked up midways :D Would you mind telling me how may I make it ready to print? or any of the chaps who printed it already?

Btw nice designs overall!

Hi, i printed it and badly it doesn t work with the Mackers system (http://www.mackers.it/negozio/pimp-my-tevo-tarantula-flexx-carriage-new/), could you please try to put the bltouch holder on the other side, maybe it will work like this, thanks again for your nice job ...

I was wondering if you have a design that allows for a 30mm fan to cool the heatsink and a 40mm fan to be used for the part cooler. Also, I would be using a bltouch. Thank you!

These ducts are great! But now I have replaced Stock Dual Hotend with Chimera clone dual. Do you have a fanduct for that?


What is the difference between the stock dual hotend or the Chimera clone? they look very similar...

The heating cartridges are different.they're more compact on Chimera

If you can manage to have both heating blocks of Chimera in the same direction, it should work.

The issue i am having is with the mounting bracket. my hotend has 2 feeds in for the filament since its the dual chimera type, and the mounting bracket will not fit.

ironpirateval, how did you manage to get the mounting bracket onto the hotend heatsink? and does V6 fanduct work with the dual chimera hotend?

Sorry about my terminology, im fairly new to this.

Do you have an updated version for the stock dual extruder?

LPA_Fanduct_v5.5.stl is still broken in Slic3r, missing parts and 5536 errors. :(
Also SN04-N model would be great.

I don't know what's happening with that model. I've already uploaded twice and tested ... but it fails after a while.

Note : I just released a model for SN04-N sensor, if you wish to test.

First of all great work. The SN04-N Model has still errors. Windows 3D builder shows errors and won't open it. As a workaround imported it in Freecad, exported it again, open it again with Windows 3D builder and let it repair.

That's really strange. I have no issue with S3D.

You has an great design, at the pic can see the chimera's design, but can't download it ;(

Which file can't you download ?

REQUEST : Can you please make one which holds the SN04 Sensor??

just released.

What length should my E3dv6 with volcano be from nozzle to top of heatsink for this to fit with the BLTOUCH mount? I think my heatsink might be the wrong length... Search ed for hours and its giving me a headache

REQUEST: v5.5 for "chimera & volcano" and for blower-fans

The blue 5.5 sits way too high if mounted on a chimera-setup and volcanos. It looks brilliant but with a regular fan, even the thicker ones its not that powerfull. If it had two blower-fans, one on each side, the power would be perfect.

Thx for you hard work, it is thus far the best of these ive tried.

(Also Posted in the 4.0 comments before I knew of the 5.0)

I've recently gotten a e3d, and I'd like to use your fan ducts, however with stock hotend I was having the problem the fanducts big f(l)at underside would sort of crash/brush into the paperclips holding the glass plate in place on the Y0, X150-200 position and basicly push the bed away from the hotend in that point.. Is that still the case with the v5? Any ideas otherwise?

Well, if you've got obstacles on your bed, you may have troubles ... obviously.
I don't use paperclip for the glass sheet. I've always used thermal paste (very few) on the 4 angles. That sticks enough and does not raise any obstacle to the hotend.

Is the hot end fan and the other fan to fit on the same screw? coz I can't seem to fit in the external one

that's great but I can print the TT_fanduct_v5.5 it seems to be broken :(

Which file is broken for you ?

I can't seem to successfuly load the file in slic3r. I'm using LPA_Fanduct_v5.5.stl.
EDIT: the BLTouch version seems to be OK. I'll use that.

Thanks for this awesome design !

Weird, it was indeed broken. I've uploaded it again and tested. That should be fine now. Thank you.

I've tried to download that file again. Seems still broken in slic3r.
Screenshot is in attachment.

QUESTION: What orientation would this be easiest to print? Gonna be a pain to get supports out from inside

no support needed. Orientation is already the best one

Question you need to keep the e3d cool so the fan must be running on full speed. but if you are doing pla the first couple of layers should not have a fan blowing it an i wrong?

love the design right now i am using a e3d titan with a e3d v6 nozzle. i print print in nylon and pla so ether i am using a fan for the pla or if i am printing in nylon i can not use a fan on the nylon. but this is come very close to what i need nice job!

For PLA, you should not turn the fan on for the first layer.

Hi, Elzariant!
Can you make version for chimera please? with default and volcano. Better if it can be adjusted un Z axis

I am looking for the chimera (standard), too. Your fanducts are my favorites.
Thank you.

REQUEST: 50mm fan version.

A little "please" would have been appreciated.
For your request, I suggest you to use an adapter. There are plenty of them available here like this one :


Parametrizable any size to any size fan adapter with manifold tube angle

I think I have just found the cooling solution that I've been looking for! Great stuff man. Will order another 40mm and try this out next week! Fantastic job!

What extra screws do we need to fit this on stock tarantula? Thanks!

You'll need 4 M3 12 or 16mm bolts + nuts

I printer you part "Hotend Clip 5.5" but I've a problem due to the size of radiators of my E3D hotend; my hotend is a chinese model and I measured the size of radiator about 25,25mm (your size of model is about 23mm).

Can you help me, resizing the clip please?


What you've bought is not a E3Dv6 clone but looks more like a E3Dv5 one. there are not only differences in the the heatsink diameter but also on the heating cartridge, the mount diameter and the global hotend height. I'll try to see if I can modify it accordingly but I cannot promise I'll find time for it.

Note : I've posted the CAD file (STEP format) of the clip so people can customize it at convenience.

You're right... I see now that's E3D v5 clone, not v6... :(

Hi, do you have a version for volcano with inductive sensor ?

Hi, I like this design but I have a few problems.

1) My Fan dimension is 40x40x20mm. this version only supports 40x40x10mm Fans right?

2) Many times I tried to open the Step file in Solidworks but it didn't work!

3) I have a Bltouch sensor and the Step file is without the mount for the sensor.

So can you send me a STL (or SLDPRT) that supports 40x40x20 Fans + Bltouch?

Many thanks for the help and this great design.

1) The fan on heatsink must be 40x40x10mm but the fan for layer cooling can be 40x40x20mm (which is the one I've got on my printer).
2) Unfortunatly, I never used Solidworks so I cannot help
3) Yes, I only published CAD files for the "sensor-less" so people can build their own support on it. it's useless to use 40x40x20 fan on the heatsink and I even fear it will burn quickly as it won't be able to push its huge amount of airflow through the heatsink.

I tried to modificat the STL file to accomodate 20mm fan, but my software says there is some "inconsistensy of body" so it cannot be trimed,splited, substracted etc. Even when i tried to export the body into different format, the problem remains

Hello. Great job!
Could you share a STEP file or better Solidworks file for LPA_E3Dv6Hotend_Clip_v5.5? With your clip the funduct could't be connected to the hot end of my printer.

STEP files for clips available.

can you please make a volcano with the SNO4-N probe please?

i did a butcher job but an official would be awesome

... whatever method is alright, as long as it works at end ;-)

Is there a version with LJC18A3 sensor? :)

Not for the moment ... I will when I get spare time to design.

Thanks for quick answer :)
So v5.0 will work for now

Good day!
Which offsets do you recommend to use with Tevo stock hotend and e3d v6?

Thank you.

Offsets added :

Offsets for BLTouch :
X= +39
Y= -47

Thank you so much for your reply!
I'll print it as soon as I get my BLTouch.
Am I right offstes are same for Tevo Tarantula stock hotend and e3d v6?

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Hi there, I found this one after using the LPA "40" for a while, I posted on a comment on there about the Slicer not liking the stock version of the file, I thought I would try this one but have the same issue - the LPA_Fanduct_v5.5 file doesn't slice correctly in Slic3r, it seems to not like the bottom surround section, lost of missing faces etc... any idea on a fix? Seems to load in Cura ok, but I haven't for that configured. Other files load fine.

Example screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/2R73J

Volcano version on left, standard on right.

That's strange. I'll check that. Did you try to fix it with Meshmixer ?

No - I'm yet to use meshmixer, I hadn't needed to look elsewhere as the Prusa version of Slic3r has been working really well. Its weird, Cura sees it fine and from what I can see when importing the STL in Fusion360 it's ok as well, only thing I can think of is a detached vertice, but that seems unlikely given it works fine in other programs. I don't know why any of the sensor versions work fine but the non sensor version doesn't. Confused as well!!

You have a great designs
How about an update on the v5.5 for dual extruderfor Tarantula's stock hotend + BLTouch
Thanks in advance

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