RaspberryPi 3 case, no screws

by jegi Dec 22, 2016
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Can we hope for an update or new model for the new Raspberry Pi 4?
No screws and the same quality of this one.

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I made one of these and it worked well. I had to resize the opening for the power to fit my cord in, and I also needed a bit more room around the SD card to be able to get access to pull it out...

Suitable for RPi3B+ too. Thank you a lot.

Can anybody tell me if it is possible to snap it back open again after closing it shut? At some point I'd like to route a camera cable in there but I don't want to have to pry it open later. Thanks a lot!

Yes, it can be reopened and closed repeatedly. The clip-in mechanism goes around three sides of the case, is very robust and provides a good fit, but PLA is flexible enough that you can easily open it back up by just flexing the case a bit.

Yes, you can close and open it again several times!

Thanks for this great model. It fits perfect for my PI3 model B+ !!
Also posted a Make ;-)

RaspberryPi 3 case, no screws

Printed this yesterday. ANET E12 printed on glass. 0.1 layer height Hatchbox Black PLA. 205C Nozzle and 50C Bed. Using it with my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Perfect fit and I love that I didn't have to purchase screws. Thanks to the designer.

Perfect fit for raspberryPi 3 model B. Printed at 0.16 layer height with petg.
Thanks for this great model.

Hi @jegi
does this work with a Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ ?

Yes, according to user NinaWuebbenhorst it works also with Model 3 B+

doesn't fit raspberry pi 3 model B.
Internal screws are too distant from each other.

It also seemed I initially had some issues lining up the pins with the holes on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, but I had to insert the USB and Network ports into place first before attempting to place the board on the posts. Then the posts lined up like a charm with the board. May need to clean up the case posts a bit depending on your print quality. Perfect fit for me.

@Jegi, I am planning on remaking your case in order to fit a dual fan heatsink. I will post a remix as soon I am done. Thanks for the upload and I do like how you were able to fit without any screws.

And? Have you made one?

does this work with a Raspberry Pi 3 model B???

Printed out well and works great, however there is a non-joined edge in the bottom piece to the left of the SD card opening right near the round at the corner that forces slicers to create these areas a separate profiles. This edge extends from the flat bottom surface all the way up to the top ridge.

Here are some images showing the edge I am talking about:

Other than this one little issue, great job!

Noticed this as well. Luckily it prints fine, but def. something that would be an easy fix from the original files.

Beautiful design on the layer snap section

Is this compatible with .stl CubePro 3D printers?

They're STL files, you can use whatever printer you like. It's down to the slicer you use.

Well this is just downright odd. The part came out absolutely perfect, all the measurements check out, but it doesn't work at all with one of my RPi3s here. The posts are 1mm off front-to-back on the SD side. Probably a PCB change. :(

nope, you have to slide the usb ports in first. once it is under the lip there then it falls right into place

Similar thing with me. Just printed (top piece seems a touch curved at the corners so I think something was wrong on my end there) and doesn't quite fit perfectly with my RPi3

nope, you have to slide the usb ports in first. once it is under the lip there then it falls right into place

Great design! Anyone has done this but with the space for passing through the camera's flex cable?

Printed it on an Ultimaker 2 (Extended) and it came out pretty decent.

Settings in Cura:
Layer height: 0.15mm
Shell thickness: 0.8mm
Retraction on
Bottom/top thickness: 0.8mm
Fill: 40%
Support everywhere
Nozzle = 0.4mm

The pie logo didn't come out that well.
I think Cura didn't do too great a job with the 2 "circle" layer around the logo.
Also the small "pillars" on the bottom, between the ethernet and USB ports, is not attached to the rest of the bottom plate apart from the sides.

I wish the top plate was thicker. It feels like it could break easily. <-- If you could make this happen I would be very happy.
I also wish the Pie would stay in place when trying to take out the micro SD card, but that's nit picking.

I'll try printing out the top again with different settings and see how it goes.

Hey, I love the idea of this. I'm new to CAD (using tinkerCAD) how would I go about making this thing taller to accomodate a piHAT?

Also, how are you finding this thing is for allowing airflow/cooling?


Work great !
Can you provide the source to remix it ? I need to close some unused connection holes.

Thank you! I remixed it with Tinkercad and there is no cad export.

I must say... this level of remix with tinkercad... that's impresive.

TInkercad has even a better way to share - simply make the model public and post the link here. Then people can make a duplicate in tinkercad directly. Nice remix :-) Cheers.

0.8mm nozzle worked for me. Snapped together perfectly.

Great! Which printer and settings did you use?

how does it stay together

The two parts snap together