Gear Bearing Hand Spinner Toy

by cevinius Dec 11, 2016
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Though I tried severel settings, all I get is a molten-together bunch of shit. The clearence seems to be way to less for me :(

it is possible to "over spin" with the drill, I had one gear bearing that was loosening up nicely, then sproiinngggg it was all over the shop.
monitor the temperature due to friction i guess :-)

Wow!! Good tip!! Thanks for sharing!

hi in your video you said you got the bearings in the middle from a different person do you mind linking me to him?


In the "Thing Details" tab, it is linked to in the "Remixed From" field. Thanks.

My first print seemed good, and I broke the gears with an Allen wrench as described, but the loosening/drill trick seemed to deform the gears and there was a sticky spot in the rotation. After pressing on with the drill, the center gear came out and I realized I will have to start over.

I think I need to reexamine my print settings....

Sorry to hear about it falling apart! When I did it, I turned it by hand for a little bit to work out any major sticking points first. Then I used the drill, and I would use a slow setting and only gradually built it up to higher speed. Hope it works out for you!

New print underway, will check it out in the morning.

This hobby is not for the impatient... Thanks for your contributions to Thingiverse!

I look forward to adding my own as I get my printing legs underneath me.

Would it be possible to post source files, or if not possibly one without the taper on the arms?

Not the edit I intended, but the edit you deserve: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2260001

Fully 3D Printed Fidget Spinner
by cymon

I flattened them myself manually in Blender. It's a bit of a dirty job. I may post it if the print works better than last time.

Honestly, people, what's wrong with making models FFF friendly?

Thanks, cymon! Sorry I didn't get around to doing this in the end. :(

The simple edits I made only spurred me to make some more drastic edits:


Fully 3D Printed Fidget Spinner
by cymon

Fantastic. Love the video as well!

I'll have a look at it this weekend.

when i print this, the gears stick together and it cant spin, do you have any tips?

Horizontal size compensation. I found this prints best at -0.02mm

With one of them, the plastic started changing shape (and smoothing out the edges) when I pushed too hard on the allan key. So, I put in some small strips of paper into the hole and add more grip. I was able to break it loose like that. This other one was much more fiddly though.

I was able to break the other one loose with just an allan key. (I think it was from my skate tool.) I put the allan key in, gave it a hard twist and it broke loose.

Hopefully, it'll break loose for you too!

Can you upload the files for the ninja star looking one?

The ninja star one has been posted! Let me know how you go! :D

I'm a bit reluctant since it's very pointy and a bit dangerous...

Just say Print at your own risk. I want that version too.

OK. I'll put it up this weekend.

its just plastic... this probably cant even cut paper

The edges are not sharp at all, but the points are pretty pointy. I agree it can't cut anything, but I reckon it might puncture stuff... like skin.

please upload them

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