MP Select Mini Z Spacer (snappable)

by akiriwas Dec 11, 2016
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What happened to the Customize button?

Perfect! Got my glass plate on, and everything is all leveled out. Thanks for the remix on this.

This is for 2mm glass I assume?

Ha ha! I was just about to post my remix of xilvar's spacer with arms that snap off but it looks like you already designed it! The one I designed had gussets on the inside of the arms so you could still squeeze the arms together to help get it on but would still break off when pulled apart. Clever minds think alike!

When I put this one on it was strong enough to use the arms to put it in without disassembling anything, and then just put a little more force with a pair of pliers to snap them off. Easy peazy!

I just finished modifying my monoprice select mini with a E3d V6 hot end and heatsink, since the original jammed up so bad out of nowhere, I wasn't going to chance it happening again. The mod went great and even looks great, but I have run into an unforeseen problem, the z height of the nozzle is now too... HIGH. There are plenty of mods for when the nozzle is too low, like when installing a borosilicate plate, but what about too high?
I am thinking I will just buy a borosilicate plate to artificially raise the print bed. There really needs to be a mod to put the z limit switch on a screw rod, especially since bed leveling is going to be a pita if I have to keep removing the plate to adjust the bed level... That is an accident waiting to happen...

Couple of things. First, if your hotend is too high after putting on the E3D V6, then I think you need the zero-offset mount. The fault is with the mount, not the bed or z-switch. Secondly, its recommended to clip the corners off the glass bed for leveling, either way, I find that leveling only has to be done once for a glass bed.