Mini Laser Engraver

by Czayen Dec 11, 2016
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I like this clean design. Has anyone tried adapting it for a small 3d printer?

i meant the white boards that hold the steppermotors is there an stl somewhere

Oh, I see. They are part of the motor assembly. https://goo.gl/vqFL9Z

where can i find the files for the stepmotor and acces holder

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by that.

Is there an exact measurement of the rods please?

I got it printed...going to have to use 1/4" (.250 inch, 6 millimeters = 0.236) might have to gently clean out the holes with a drill, I got 3/8 rod...uggh

Need to know how much rod length I need to get

Hi the rods are: 2 x 15cm and 1 x 14cm

What software is being used for running the machine? is it GRBL or something else?

Comments deleted.

Hi, 95x110mm, no end stops support, sorry.

Thanks for the reply. If there are no endstops, then it cant be using grbl, so what software is running it?

You don't need end stops to print...you can position the head anywhere...then hit zero (machine zero)
All the end stops do is provide a mechanical way for the machine to "home" itself to zero, you can manually say...right where you are..that is "home" then all gcode will start from that location.

send running video please

How long should the M6 threaded rods be?

2 x 15cm and 1 x 14cm

Thank @Czayen can't wait to build it.

What is the print size as well...kept forgetting to ask

The longest part is 120mm

Do you have a writeup/howto?
Do you have the .stl for the controller board arduino nano and driver boards base plate?

What is the working bed dimensions?

Very very cool design!!!
So very cool, and clean looking!

Hi, thank's for your comments.
Most of the electronics setup instruction can be found here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Pocket-laser-engraver/

The frame is built around B-04F3 CD-ROM laser assembly:

For the mechanical part you going to need:

  • 6mm threaded rod
  • M6 nuts and washers
  • plexiglass or plywood for the bed

The EasyDrivers and Arduino Nano you can find on Banggood:

Nice..would either of these work as well
one is 90mm long

Still amazed at how clean it looks!

Hi, no idea how I missed out your comment, sorry!
Yes, this one is pretty much the same to the two that I used in my build

Search in Google for this
"Pocket Laser Engraver" Instructables
and you will see instructions ;-)

Oh yeah...do you have the .stl for the tray you used for the drivers and arduino nano?

Sorry, shame to admit but i haven't done it yet. Will upload as soon as I got it ;)

Very simple and clean design. Thank you for sharing