The Dancing Faun of Pompeii

by CosmoWenman Nov 27, 2014
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I don't have a 3d printer yet, but I would love to have a print of this. How much would it cost to have someone print it for me, say about 50 cm tall? WOuld need to be good quality as I want to try and make a silicone mold.

Please email me at [email protected] about the specs you need.

Really great upload, thanks.

I am however having issues getting the torso to print. Each time after about 10%-15%, the elbow will get knocked out of position and the print fails. I've lowered my speed and printed with rafts, but the issue keeps happening. All other parts print wonderfully.

What are the chances of getting a version with the right arm and torso separated?

I've added 20141206Kit_RightArmOptions.zip which has the torso and right arm separated, and an option for the right arm in sections.

Oh man, you are my hero! Can't thank you enough for this.

Going to print them today. I'll be sure to upload some pics of the finished product.

Edit: The updated files worked great. Thanks again. I uploaded a picture of the finished product, which I'm really happy with.

I love this!

I'd always wanted to have my own Dancing Faun but it isn't easy to find (at least a good copy instead of the tourist dreck that turns up when I did find something). Have you considered scanning the Barberini Faun? I've attempted a recreation using a range of photos I've culled from Flickr and Google Images searches, but predictably, my efforts were a mixed bag at best since the quality and exposure of the images varied so widely. There is also the usual problem of getting enough coverage of all sides.

Seeing the Dancing Faun here got me to thinking about some of the more exuberant sculptures from antiquity and I'd like to nominate a few for your consideration (these do have an erotic element to them, so anyone else clicking on the links, please be forewarned).




I so envy you for all the fun you're having scanning all these incredible sculptures.

The Skulpturhalle does have a cast of the Barberini Faun, but larger pieces like that take a lot more time. Venus de Milo and Winged Victory were the only large-scale pieces I had time for, and spent the rest on getting smaller pieces.

There's a plaster cast of the Barberini Faun in Italy that was broken earlier this year -- someone sat on it while taking a selfie: http://dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2584415/Student-destroys-statue-trying-selfie-sitting-knee.html