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by karnschi Dec 14, 2016
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How long is the print?

hey there
well that depends on your printer settings but mine took about 1 hour to be done but i am not quite sure if that was your question

I printed one at 102% but the bearings fall out, though there is some friction. These are however bearings of inline skates. 608 is that a universal standard?
But no worries, I will try 101%. Somethings tells me that should be just fine.

it took me also a few trys before the first one fitted good :)
yes i guess 608 is a universal standard because i bought the bearing on amazon searching for 608 bearings :)
good luck with your second try! hope you like it :)

Hey I'm making my own fidget spinner and i have a few questions. Is there a lip on the spinner to keep the bearing in, or does it fit in perfectly? Because i don't want to make one and have the bearing not fit or have it fall out. Or do you just glue in the bearing?

hey there
I designed mine as big as the bearing where and then I printed the spinner at about 102%
The bearing fitted just fine and I didnt need any glue or something like that :)
Hope I have helped a little :)

Too tight a fit; I can't put the 608 bearings into it without it breaking (ABS).
You designed the bearing holes to be 22mm exactly, but you can't put a 22mm shaft into a 22mm hole; you need a larger diameter hole. (and you should also consider material shrinkage properties too)

You probably want an H7/h6 or H7/g6 hole clearance per ISO standards:

yes i know but i just printed it at a scale of about 102% and it turned out quite nice :)
but thanks for your hint :)

where do you get the metal parts

what metal parts do you mean? the bearings? those are Standard 608 size bearing i bought at amazon
hope i could help :)