Eagle one Printable 2.0 Medium size (Tested)

by korb3n Dec 14, 2016
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Really great model from a great series of the 1970's. I'd love to know how you generated it?
I wonder if you tell me which paints you used (were they Acrylic paints on a PLA print!?)
I was trying to work out the main colour. On some Space 1999, the Eagle Transporters look pretty white, while some episodes they look a very light grey? Your colours look spot on :) All the best John

Great Model!...Everything printed fine except the lower booster. Missing layers in Cura. Any chance you can fix?

hi , try this version works also with Cura.

I have isue with this parts: 80boosterv21.stl, 80_cockpit.stl, 80_lowerBooster.stl, top_grid.stl, i open with Slic3r and Simplify and on two have the same isue"The Object is not manifold" can you re-upload this parts? thanks!! your model are awesome

lower booster was not clean it was updated . but the others are fine also with simplyfy 3d .

Hi. I have printed all the parts except for the cockpit. It seems that there are open voids and missing polygons and when I do print, I get a lot of areas that are bad. I tried to check the file in Netfabb but it tells me that the file is missing the mesh and fails the file. Could you repair the file and re-upload?

I also use 3d Builder in Windows 10 and can see the missing areas. Many Thanks!!!

Maybe it's a problem of your slicing software , i'm running symplyfy3d with non issues .

I'm also having issues with parts of the files missing and if Netfabb can't fix it then there's a problem in the design. Slicers don't matter.

Will you look at your files and confirm that everything is solid and closed?

Hi. I've been printing all the parts for this and I believe that the front and rear module along with the top grid are from the other model because 1) Front Module and Rear Module do not have the extra cut outs in the STL files to accommodate for the longer grid
2) The grid in this model is the same as your first model.

Could you update your files you uploaded? Thanks!

you are right !!
maybe uploauding the models i made a mistake with files .
aniway :
1) front and rear modules updated
2) updated the top grid

thank you for the feedback

Thank you! I was going to modify them tonight. Will reprint these parts!